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just wondering if anyone heard anything on the ck5, from what I can see it is the samething.Any info would be great, also are they legit, I would be buying it on ebay out of hong kong. 
This is my opinion, this person can use it our not, also I have had plenty of gear over the years, thanks for your concern though.
These are very comfortable, all though your ears will get warm over time. As for the amp I believe anything with higher ohms(headphones) should be powered with a amp to bring it to its full potential. Most mp3 players are not strong enough also all you need is a amp not the dac unless your going to listen through your computer.
Im seriously considering pairing the CK4 with the UE900. i was wondering if anyone has heard anything on these. I would really like to hear from someone who has owned the ck4 and someone who has heard the ue's900as they are not being sold as of yet. i have the ue10's which are awesome. Thanks Andy
i have this phone and i think it sounds really good, i dont use it as my main audio to go, though. by the way the phone is really nice as a whole to.
what city is this going on in. I live in anoka, is it close to there.
I have had my TF10s for 6 months and love them. I also grew to love the sound of BAs compared to dynamics. The sound is more articulite.
I will be getting one or the other. i would like you to help me decide which one is better, im only going for sound everything else is just a bonus. I was trying to see what sound card the galaxy has to no evail. I have had cowon before I know have a Appe ipod 160 gb just looking for others i like to listen to the radio also, here and there. you can also down load a version of bbe from jet audio for the samsung which would help but if it has a crappy sound card why...
I would be interested, I live in Anoka. just say when and where.
I have the ATH-M50s with a fiio E17 amp/dac and the sound is amazing, you can get theM50s from amazon for 115.00, which is probaly your biggest bang for the buck.
New Posts  All Forums: