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 You again!What make you think if I have not listened to all Daps above?
Sound Quality (no external amp), my ranking as below   1. HM-901 2. DX100/HDP-R10 3. AK120 4. DX50 5. Colorfly Pro C4 6. iPod 5th Gen. 7. AK100 8. Colorfly C3 9. Sansa Fuze 10. Fiio X3
This is the iBasso DX50 Review from Asia friend who owned the actual DX50. I guess it is worth to share here in this forum: Built: Solid, good finishing, the case of the battery cover sits very nicely with no squeaky sound, tactile buttons is makes it easy to navigate. Brush metal is welcomed, as it is more resistant to scratches. Slightly smaller than iPod classic. Basic resolution for the screen. Sound signature: Sparkling but smooth...
Between E17 and HRT MicroStreamer, which sound better in term of soundstage and separation?
Now I can understand the reason.Thanks ClieOS. 
I hope you don't hard feeling.But personally I feel this is a forum in public domain. Everyone has right to give opinion and view. There is no right or wrong opinion or view.Anyway I apologized if your feeling was hurt.
Just curious, are you a teenager?By the way, your 1st language is emocon?Sorry no offence.
I apologized if James feels so.Anyway, this is just my view.Don't be so serious about my request.
This is really great! If Fiio can replace the stock AD8397 with AD8620 for the future production batch, I may consider to get X3 for myself because I had already used with clean & clear sound of C3.   We hope James (Fiio) can hears us. 
Will James (Fiio) consider to use ADA4896 for the new production batch of X3? 
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