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Excellent choice! I actually traded my HD558 for a pair of HM5s. The 558s just need too much power. I can't afford an amp for these things, and the open design bugged the crap out of my parents. lol. HM5 is a step up IMHO. Naturally neutral FTW! :D
Same thing for me, no tracking number. But still, everything went perfectly. Got the headphones in a padded envelope. Packing seemed a bit roughed up but the item was perfect.
If you're referring to MadLustEnvy's guide, yes. Unfortunately none of the closed headphones he recommends fit into my price range except the Creative Live! Headphones. Which I am not a fan of.
Hey guys!   Can anyone recommend a pair of closed headphones for gaming? It would be a 40/60 ratio for gaming/music respectively. I listen to many types of music. From Coldplay to Tiesto. So a good all-rounder would be best. Also, I will be driving these with a FiiO E10 DAC. (Not purchased yet. So if you'd like to recommend an alternative DAC, feel free.)   Top genres: -FPS -RTS -Racing -RPG   I'm currently using Sennheiser HD558s. I'm returning these...
  I'm actually using the HD 558s right now. Sound quality is superb. Highs are shining without being shrill. Mids are exceptional, though lightly recessed. I can't speak for the lows, which brings me to my one complaint. They NEED to be amped. Without an amp they sound painful unless some serious EQing is done. Barley any bass without amp. They're also very comfy. Some people complain about clamping but I honestly have no clue what they're whining about. :P Soundstage is...
If you can't find the FA-003, take a look at the Brainwavz HM5. It is literally the same headphone. Just a re-brand. I know I know, I feel bad buying re-brands too, but it's really Fischer's fault at this point.       Of course! No problem. :) And yes, AKG's site is pretty dang jacked. If you want to find a specific headphone from them you're better off googling them. :P
Bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 558 used on amazon from them. Delivery was FAST and the item came in great condition! Not to mention I got them for $98.
Awesome, thank you so much. I'll definitely be doing this. I can even get the U3 for $25 after rebate on    Great reply, not only does it answer my question, but it taught me about headphones as well! :D Thank you!
I meant it sarcastically anyway haha. :P 
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