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Rock jaw Obsidian. Because Obsidian is black and very very strong.
athlon x4 750k overclocked to 3.8ghz msi r9 280x msi a78m-e35 4gb 1600mhz ram 1tb WD HDD corsair 600 watt
It makes the slight rattle whenever the punchy bass hits, it sounds normal on the other side though, if its hair how do you recommend i go about getting it out?  
When volume is above 70 percent or so on my beats mixrs the right ear cup rattles a little when playing boomy bass? I have had these under a year im pretty sure so is there a warranty that covers this? I got them from best buy. Or is this problem easily fixable at home?   Thanks
lazbo i disagree, i have not seen ANY videos on how to disassemble beats mixrs.
im afraid if i take it apart i wont be able to get it back together
Really? Thats interesting. Would have never thought. Lazbo how did you fix the problem?
My beats mixrs, WAIT NO! PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN, ok i use them for portable use ok! I own vmodas too so just calm down. The left ear cup kinda rattles a little when listening to REALLY bass heavy music or when moving my jaw alot, Now i actuly like it when listening to music, it makes it feel like its a subwoofer and the headphone is vibrating. So how do you think i could troublshoot and find what is actualy the flaw. I would like to either fix it or make the other side do it...
MIXRS! All the way, studios are built very badly and have way to much base, the mixrs are uncomfy at first but thats due to a tight fit, the mixrs sound similar the the v-moda m80s just with more base and less treble
but....what did he do??
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