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just ordered the 750's thanks a ton for suggesting them 
oh wow cool the rha warranty is very impressive. Is amazon count as a authorized retailer? And the yamaha look cool to with the foam tips. But im not so sure about how the rha has the around the ear style. I plan to have these hanging out the front of my shirt when not in use and i wounder if having the bend in the cable like that would look silly     EDIT after looking a little more the rha seems really cool. 
Now that school has come back around i notice myself wanting a pair of good iem's. I have beats mixrs and v-moda m80s but i don't feel like wearing big headphones around my neck all day. I mostly listen to dubstep or trap which is like remixes of songs with crazy beats and all this. Kinda electronicy, but ya i really like how my m80's sound and i want something for around 100 bucks that will sound good in this genre to.   I will be using them during school so they need...
I have v-moda m80's and when listening to music off youtube in 720p from my pc it sounds how i would expect it. Then when i watch the video on my iphone 3gs using an app called finaltube where it saves the video localy for you to watch whenever (i saved it in hd) the treble is not as present and the bass is frickin crazy. So much boomy bass it sounds cool but it sounds like im listening to beats. So why the heck is going on which source is playing the music the right way?...
Rock jaw Obsidian. Because Obsidian is black and very very strong.
athlon x4 750k overclocked to 3.8ghz msi r9 280x msi a78m-e35 4gb 1600mhz ram 1tb WD HDD corsair 600 watt
It makes the slight rattle whenever the punchy bass hits, it sounds normal on the other side though, if its hair how do you recommend i go about getting it out?  
When volume is above 70 percent or so on my beats mixrs the right ear cup rattles a little when playing boomy bass? I have had these under a year im pretty sure so is there a warranty that covers this? I got them from best buy. Or is this problem easily fixable at home?   Thanks
lazbo i disagree, i have not seen ANY videos on how to disassemble beats mixrs.
im afraid if i take it apart i wont be able to get it back together
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