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I have on hand a very lightly used HiFiMAN HE400i. Probably 50 hours tops on these. Bought brand new, comes with original box, cable, everything. Shipping and Paypal fee is included. Thanks for looking!
Up for sale is a used set of Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 ohms. Comes with box, carrying case, 1/4 adapter. Condition is 8/10. Paypal fee included. Buyer pays shipping.    PM for questions/pics. Thanks for looking!
My jaw is on the floor. $250 multibit dac?? Amazing.
I have an Oppo ha-2 and a K7XX. They do well together. The sound stage is still super big and the bass is clean and well defined. It drives it adequately and sounds great!
I have up for sale a very lightly used xb950bt. It comes with original headphone cable and usb charging cable. No box. Absolutely no problems with it. I just found that they were not what I was looking for. It comes with a headphone case (this one specifically: Buyer pays shipping, I will cover paypal fee.   Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking!
Gah! I'm going to be in Oregon for 3 months starting May 12th! Just one week too late
Hello all, I'm looking for a fun, bassy headphone. My headphone tastes are usually more on the traditional audiophile side (I use the K7XX and Meeaudio Pinnacle P1 as my main 'phones), but right now I'm looking for something that is much more fun and bassy.   Requirements: Full size/over ear, closed, comfy, under $200. A plus but not required: mic/button controls, good build quality. Don't care about: style/looks/.   On sound, I'm looking for a bass that is fun with a...
My Massdrop username is Mr.Walrus I would love to see more grado headphones (like the PS500) and the Oppo HA-2. Maybe even the new Beyerdynamic DT1770.
Ah, my bad. I tried searching the thread to see if it was posted already but didn't see it.
Anyone see this video?
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