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Hello all, I'm looking for a fun, bassy headphone. My headphone tastes are usually more on the traditional audiophile side (I use the K7XX and Meeaudio Pinnacle P1 as my main 'phones), but right now I'm looking for something that is much more fun and bassy.   Requirements: Full size/over ear, closed, comfy, under $200. A plus but not required: mic/button controls, good build quality. Don't care about: style/looks/.   On sound, I'm looking for a bass that is fun with a...
My Massdrop username is Mr.Walrus I would love to see more grado headphones (like the PS500) and the Oppo HA-2. Maybe even the new Beyerdynamic DT1770.
Ah, my bad. I tried searching the thread to see if it was posted already but didn't see it.
Anyone see this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFhx1R4yFho
Would love to get I on this. I have never been to a meet but would love to. I'm around Portland area
I can't speak for SG's other articles, I'm just saying that the audio word needs to let people know that the perception that audio gear can only had if you are super rich is false and that great sounding gear can be had cheaply. That is what that article I posted is doing. That is part of the message that will help the audio world grow.
we need more of these articles in the general public: http://www.cnet.com/news/this-just-in-most-audiophiles-arent-rich/
Up for sale is a Hifiman HE-Adapter. Perfectly good condition, just don't need it anymore. Comes with original box. SOLD. Audioengine D1 DAC. Also in pristine condition with original box, cable and manuals. SOLD. Buyer pays shipping. I will happily cover the Paypal fee. Contact me if you want more detailed pictures. Thanks for looking!
NOTE 11/26/2014: Sorry for my absence from this classified. I'm in school and it has been extremely busy. However, I am back and will be able answer PMs and get these things sold to the right buyer.
pretty much everything will drive an hd 598. I found no significant difference with the e17 amping it. It will sound great out of an ipod.
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