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price drop
Hello, I have for sale essentially my main headphone system, which includes the Hifiman HE 5-LE in excellent condition with all original accessories including the original velour ear pads which are also still in excellent condition. I purchased this pare of headphones from moon audio May 2013 and have had roughly 300 hours of head time.   These headphones are very hard to drive, so I use the Emotiva mini-x a-100 to drive them and it drives them superbly (see this topic...
Hello,   So I have the Emotiva a 100 and he 5 le, using a centrence dacport lx. I posted about it here a while ago here. I tried putting a music hall ph25.2 in place of the emotiva and I really liked the sound. I felt that the positioning was more accurate, had a better noise floor, and of course, the tube part of the amp was really great to listen to. The music hall dosen't have quite enough power to drive the le's to their potential, as I am getting less bass and a...
I am wanting to sell a Music Hall ph25.2 Solid State/Tube Hybrid headphone amp. Amp is virtually brand new. It comes with original power cord, original box and instructions. I am selling this for a friend. I have tested it and it sounds great! However I do not have a need for it. Price includes shipping. Buyer plays Paypal fees. Please message me for any more information.   Thoughts?
Perfect pitch aint a myth. I have it and I know many other people who have it as well.
Going from the headphone output into the magni will sound bad because you are double amping. The headphone out on the iPod is an already amped signal, and amping it again through the magni will make it sound gross. This would be the case with any amp you connect to the iPod (or any other amped device) through headphone out. Sending audio out through the 30 pin connector bypasses the iPod's internal amp, and if you connect through the magni in that way it will sound better.
I just got the emotiva based on what was said about it being an improvement over the magni. Now, I have an audiosource amp 100, but my magni, while had a smaller soundstage and a bit less bass on my HE 5 LE, overall was more detailed than the audiosource. Hearing that the emotiva had better clarity had me courios and the recent sale got me a new emotiva. Some people said upgrading to the emotiva would be a sidegrade. Not so. It is leaps and bounds better than the magni...
Dat setup.
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