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Just to clarify, Westone warranty... Isn't transferable, is it?
For sale is LE Pico Slim (with lifetime warranty on parts/batteries) bought from a fellow HF-er... Portability is no longer necessary for me so I'm letting this go. There is a very fine scratch on the front (refer to pictures) that does not affect functionality in any way. It's a wonderful transparent amp that will be a great addition to anyone's collection.   This will ship with the included charger, leather casing and a Chris_Himself right-angle to right-angle...
  Haha, the one thing I REALLY wanna do is to grab a 4.Ai, share the poison around and encourage folk down the destructive path of customs. Or at least, away from those damned apple earbuds. Anyway that's a great, was really looking for a concise comparison on the differences in presentation and you provided just that! The only thing is, your suggestion would work out perfectly if.... the price ain't gonna increase for the next decade. But the end of promotional pricing...
  I'm not too sure myself, really. Would the 4.A be considered close to an end-game CIEM for its neutral sound signature? I.e. like the way the 8.A has been described by those who review it as 'the end' [for now] of the search for the bassy, warm but transparent & clear sound. 
  Man I love how you started that off (in bold). Yeah, I guess it's unsurprising that the 4.Ai doesn't perform as well the 4.A - just think, the implications for the customs vs. universals debate would be disastrous  heh. Then again, I doubt 4.Ai owners really know what they're missing out on. Till they make the jump at $450 (or very soon, $699 ). Any comparisons you might've made, btw?      Hah, you can't imagine how crushed I was when I read your comparison of the two -...
  Certainly! If I may direct you to my post...        I'd definitely appreciate any impressions you have comparing the 4.Ais to anything that's out there, provided that you don't have insanely elephantine ears like Sinocelt and hear the 4.A/4.Ai with vastly differing results :D
  From my experience, the UE case fits CIEMs (in general) with TWag V2 and oyaide plugs perfectly, so they shouldn't have any problems with Heir customs too (: love that case.     Anyhow, are any fortunate folk lucky enough to own both the 4.A and 8.A able to shed light on whether it's worth buying BOTH? I'm grabbing myself an 8.A over the weekend and can't decide on whether to get the 4.A as well (with free wood!) - 4.A/4.Ai owners, anyone able to shed light on how they...
Hey fellow HF-ers,   Looking to grab myself either the UHA-6SMKII or the UHA-4 from whoever's willing to let em go.    Please PM me to indicate availability and we'll work from there. I'm open to any offers so feel free to just drop me a PM. Also have a Silver LE Pico Slim for trade/sale if anyone's keen!
Hey all,   I'm REALLY looking to grab a Heir 4.A/4.Ai/3.Ai if anyone is willing to let them go.   PM me with offers! Or just to indicate and availability and we can work something out~ I also had a JH11 for trade if anyone's interested (:   Thanks!
Really looking forward to impressions of these. Was so tempted to just order some myself - they're insanely affordable! ~~subscribedd        As far as I can tell they're the same (same pricing), so the Flex option is just meant to make available every damn option there is..
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