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Couldja provide some pictures? For both this thread and the IEM cable...
Yeahhh heh. And to stay away from any other threads that encourage us to spend more than our wallets can handle ;D
That's a pity. What kinda look exactly were you hoping for?   And perhaps you'd wanna consider the AS-1; the adjustable bass port would be helpful since you listen to a wide variety of genres..
  Ooops my bad! Hahaha well then you should consider grabbing his and trying it out with the 1.2 :P the Heir IEMs are so bloody tempting it's poisonous to see them on this site..
Frankly dude, if you're deaf in one ear you'd be better off posting a WTB classified for one side - it'd save you a helluva lotta money. Normally single-sides go for a fraction of the original price.. Also, for IEMS like the se215/um1/W1, wearing em non over-ear is kinda... hard. Not impossible, but I'd expect it to be very unnatural/possibly uncomfortable.
  +1 for the JH5. IMO for the price you're paying the JH5 is a bloody steal. Spectacular comfort, isolation and sound - they do have a bass hump like most JH IEMs though, but it doesn't muddy the mids/highs or anything. And if you're quick enough JH Audio is having a 15% sale  now so that'd be LESS THAN HALF your budget.
  Aww dude, a comparison might just convince me to grab myself a AS-1 as well. They only thing that's been holding me back is the ASG-2 upgrade soon to come..     Heh yeah... I've been so damn tempted to grab myself a Heir 4.A/8.A/3.Ai considering the glowing reviews that have been pouring in... Any thoughts/comparisons on those, btw? And I notice you've got a Pico Slim for sale - have you tried those with the ASG-1.2? It really might make you reconsider selling ;D
  I just received the ASG 1.2s from a fellow HF-er and that's exactly what I'm feeling. The bass rumble of the 1.2 is simply stunning. Now, the slow long wait for the ASG-2 upgrade... ><
What is the length of the cable? And are those pins compatible with JH iems? (couldn't really be sure from the picture)
Hi are these IEMs still for sale?
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