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It is well known that the usb hubs of all computers are quite noisy.   If I purchased an external linier PSU (which claims to be quieter than the lowest noise lithium batteries) for my mac mini would the USB power be cleaned up substantially so that I could use a USB powered dac and not have the need to have a dac with its own PSU?
My hunch after many years of listening to several dacs is that dacs do sound different than one another- but not by much.   Assumming the same dac chip is used in two different dacs and they both have a reasonably decent usb input and power supply- the differences will be so small- they may be unidentifiable.   Now- two different dac chips- or same dac chips but tube output on one and solid state outputon the other may have more of a sonic difference than comparing...
Hi.       Could please explain why you are selling a DAC that has $3000 in parts for $1000?   If it the best Sbare dac you ever heard-- are you selling because you do not enjoy the sabre sound and prefer a different chip?   Please explain.   Thanks,   Steven
Much of head-fi is dedicated to people talking about "MORE."   More bass, more treble, more detail, huge soundstage.   This type of talk is unfortunately meaningless to me.  More is not always better.  What we want or should want from our equipment is a convincing and emotionally involving experience.  Headphones are not meant to deliver a large soundstage. Speakers are.   Headphones are meant to deliver an intimate musical experience.  When headphone manufacturers try to...
Out of all the negatives I have seen the only one that concerns me is the “odd imaging” and “kind of distant sounding”   comments.   I am very sensitive to that particular problem.  I do not like the SR-009 because even though technically it is maybe the best headphone ever- to my ears the spacial imaging is out of whack and that was a breaker for me..  It is not noticeable at first- but my ears caught on after a few weeks.  The HD800 imaging seems fine to me but in that...
Could someone give a quick summary of the positive and negative aspects of the sonics of the HE1000?   (Is lack of impact the worst negative?  Electrostatics lack impact and many people love them.  This headphone is meant to imitate and electrostatic headphone so I see no surprise here.)   For those who don’t like or sold their HE1000- what sonic characteristics bothered them?
Does "laid back" mean recessed- or U-shaped or does it mean relaxed sounding?  My issue here is I do not want a recessed midrange headphone.  I dislike the U- shaped headphone sound very much.
Is the midrange on the HEK recessed, forward- or just right?   If it is recessed- is it as much as the TH900?   I would appreciate some descriptions of the HEK midrange please..
Yes I have.   I also hardwired a jenna labs cable.  It sounds very good- just a bit aggressive for me..
Will the fuzzor mod. make the HE-6 sound “rounder/smoother”?     How does it effect the sonics?
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