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All the music I download is available in MPEG format only from the website I get it from.  I listen to religious music and need to get it from a certain website.  I assume MPEG is compressed format.  In order to get non-compressed I need to buy the CD.   I have downloaded these MPEG files in the past and found them to be very comparable with the original CD quality.  The company I download from says this is so because the MPEG files are remastered.   So- I was just...
One of the MOST important features of the Yggy for which I have seen very little mention of is it's ability to play MP3 files so well. Not only is SACD dead and DSD has very very little doing, but 16/44 is even on the way out and it is being replaced by MP3 downloads. MP3- is whether we like it or not - the future of music for the time being- not DSD. The Yggy plays MP3 fantastic. To my ears- well recorder MP3 sounds as good as 16/44 and I have heard no machine that can...
I was about to buy the synergistic black fuses for my yggy until I looked at the back of the unit and realized the entire top has to be removed to replace it as there is not latch in the back of the unit.  That is to risky for me.   I’m gunna let this one go.
I wanted to ask some advice based on experience from others.    My LCD-3F was a creamy full bodied headphone which was on the polite and slightly muddy side with my old dac.  I love the full bodied tone but was not so happy with the negative consequences.  With my new yggy dac,  I do not detect one drop of muddiness and there is a significant “bite” to the sound- very much in the direction of how I remember my old HE-6  which I sold and which I was using with a more polite...
Hi.   This is the main controller module used for the building of a LDR passive preamp.  It is to my knowledge the latest model.   I paid $259 not including shipping and I decided not to use it.  Please google "TORTUGA AUDIO" to get more information on this passive preamp which is one of the best in the world.   My price includes pay pal fee and shipping worldwide.
Hi.  I am still interested in this dac.   I see you owned a la scala MK2.   Could you tell me the difference between them?   Which is tonally fuller?  Which is more accuratre?  Hoiw do they differ?   THis info . may help me to decide.   THanks,   Steven
DIYINHK will not make the Pro3a any more from what I understand from them. They wrote to me  in an e-mail that within about two months they will have a new and improved converter.     I think we should sit back and wait.
Another thing to try if you use USB input.   I have this little filter I bought from “ultra-fi” called an “abisque”.  It goes on the tip of the USB cable right before going into the dac.  I did back and forth comparisons with and without this little filter and the difference is quite noticeable.  The sound softens a drop and much more significant there is clearly much more micro detail.   I tried a second filter and the improvements increased in the same areas although...
Remember, these usb to coax transformers are cleaning the power- not just transferring usb to spdif.  So maybe if you had clean power  in your computer the usb would be just as good.  Don’t judge the inputs unless the power sources of the source feeding the inputs is the same.  I plan to try to compare usb to usb on my yggy later this evening comparing from my mac mini with a external linear power supply as source one to a macbook pro as source two.
Could be that if you had a ultra low noise linear power supply on your computer that the usb would catch up or surpass the other options but that is costly as well because mine cost $1,000.
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