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I am considering a YGGY or a Master 7 with or OR5.    have heard neither.    From what I understand the YGGY has superior resolution.   However resolution is not everything.   How do they compare in terms of musicality, fullness of sound, and general long term enjoyment?   Usually- higher resolution equipment captures us more immediately but often the long term enjoyment goes to less resolving gear.    I would appreciate any help in this decision.
This item is about 6 months old and has been taken care of very well. For purposes of being conservative I will say it rates an 8/10 on an audiogon scale.   I have all original papers and original packaging and remote.   This item is $1550 new not including around $350.00 in shipping plus pay pal fees.   My price includes shipping, insurance, and all fees.   The unit is 230 volt.   My feedback on headfi is perfect.  Please see my audiogon feedback.  My name there...
I am considering getting the Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 for the LCD-3F.   I am concerned that even though transparency and openness will increase- that the intimate euphonic nature of the sound which is why we all own these headphones will be at least somewhat damaged.    I'd appreciate some advice.
I prefer a LCD-X no more than 6 months old.
If silver does not make any difference please tell me.   I would love to save the money and not get the cable.
I am looking for a silver cable for my LCD3F.  I want more clarity and transparency and to clear up some of the muddiness which I believe silver will bring however I do not want to tip up the treble which is usually a side effect of silver.   Any recommendations for a cable?
Does it sound any better????
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