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I see that there have been divided opinions in this thread on what the best input is.   I saw the posts from Me. Moffat explaining why USB is a problem.  It seems that the data is deconstructed and then reconstructed once again unlike SPDIF or AES, and this is not a great situation.   What I don't get is that when using a computer as a source the USB output will deconstruct the signal even if you are sending it to a converter like Yellowteck or any of the others.   So...
I was not talking sonics- just wanted to know if a one meter cable from the intone will make the connection to the yggy dac?
Is a one meter usb cable from the intona to yggy dac to long?
Looking for current model- not older than two months old.
Very helpful.  Thanks....
I was wondering it Tyle would tell us if the Elear is the second best headphone he has ever heard considering how it is in the same family as the Utopia and considering how good his report on the Elear was???
 Thanks for that excellent reply. I am not upgrading a "small improvement" for that kind of money That was very helpful.
Need 12 feet with XLR termination.
I wanted to ask for some advice on upgrading from a LCD-3F (2015) to a LCD-4.   I am not clear on what the improvements are in the LCD-4 over the LCD-3.   Any improvements in frequency response mean very little to me because I use a parametric equalizer on my LCD-3F anyway to get it where I want so if the LCD-4 is improved in this area it will just need less equalizing- but I find it difficult to believe the end result will be anything of serious substance.  From what...
In minimum 9/10 condition and not more than two years old.
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