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I need new iem the old one is broken . Which one to buy Moe audio or astrotec ax 30 /35 ? I love to have the one with good bass not to much with great vocal. Thanks
Just arrive to me from Ebay. Everything is in it great value great quality great sound. May have to buy more CKM77 or CK500M.  
I want new portable player with m4a & flac or lossless support. I want to use it with UM Mage & My Headphone Amp. My Budget is around 150 USD. My activity is fitness running & Weight Training. Thanks
I want to buy new player look like DAP is way to go but I just have quit a big problem. My files most of them is in M4A format which format to convert to. I don't want to loss much quality in music. Thanks
I use local brand Headamp with UM Mage.
I use my local brand. with UM Mage CIEM. Thanks
My sony S745  really old now. I want new player that play AAC / Any lossless.  I try Iriver E300 but no M4A support but I love their crystal Clear EQ setting.   I Search around ebay found this. Anyone have information about this. Is it worth to spend on  Please suggest on another to get. Thanks
Do you try Audio Technica Product? I just try CKM55 sound  quit good for me. they 're also have sport series but never try it. You can look on youtube for video show they wash the product with water.  Vsonic GR06 or 07 I think will fit for running but they are not have remote control like you want. Onething if you want to hear you enviroment sound why not use on ear one I think inear meant to be isolate enviroment sound from music you listening.
Thanks for all suggestion I hear Shure 530 from my friend. will try you guy suggestion. Thanks again
Hi If compare to Sony MDR EX600 which one for me between GR06 & GR07 I want more high sweet sound from it. I ask this because GR07 is twice the price from GR06. I have quit small budget. Thanks
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