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+1 on the M6 i love to use them for the gym and they dont fall out. As for the yurbuds I don't like them they are good for one thing and that is not falling out for me the bass was lacking a lot.
9000+ pairs of beats, skullcandy, and ibuds. And a kid with the same headphones as me, some HD439!
Ok again the tracks ultra are out and available on the Sol republic website.
They came out today.
That is pretty much why I want them portable good looking, and built like a tank.
I have heard some good reviews on the ultras might want to save up for those!!
I saw them on amazon not long ago for around 110$
Ok so both the NCredible and Solo HD's are terrible headphones. If you have 110 to spend get the ath-m50, they have good bass not over powering and a great overall can for only 110. Stay away from the Beats line ( unless you can get the pros for cheaper than the MSRP they are the only decent headphone in that line).
I use my HD439 for gaming and music. They have a good sound stage so good for gaming, they are also really good for music. Good bass, mids and highs are on par with Sennheiser sound. Only problem is the ear cups can make your ears a little hot because of the velour.
There really isn't a music genre that I don't listen to except screamo, and death metal. Budget is about 110, and I really like a good all around headphone.
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