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Was messing around with my HDP and stumbled upon something cool/wierd. Here's the experiment:   http://mdf1.tripod.com/test-tones.zip   Play the 1000Hz sound on loop and then change the volume, do you guys get any noise? My volume pot usually doesn't generate much noise, but for some reason, playing 1000Hz pure tones causes the pot to generate an incredible amount of noise   Can anybody with a degree provide an easy to understand explaination for this...
A question to all the Engineers out there: Can you detect channel imbalance using a multimeter? I used a multimeter with my HDP and it stated that the voltage and amperage on the right channel was much higher than on the right when testing with a 3000Hz Sine wave.   Although I have a suspicion that my right channel is a little louder, the difference doesn't seem to be that drastic. This leads me to think that this method if flawed. So my question is: "Is measuring...
I bought mine for $500 and I'm relatively happy with it, so I'd think $350 is a steal. Once again, I can't compare it with anything but I do think it's a good product. It did give my headphones a nice boost, I won't say it changed the way I listen to music or anything (Contrary to most people here, I doubt any amp could make such a difference) but the improvement is definitely there. One of my concerns was the aesthetics of the product (since it'll be sitting on my desk)...
I can confirm for a fact that the material is actually printed or sticked on, it isn't a solid beam of plastic. I can say this for certain because parts of the black marking on my HD650 have either scratched or worn off (there are breaks between some of the lines). That's actually what prompted this question in the first place.
I ended up buying the HDP. Although I have no comparison, I can say that the HDP sounds good with a pair of K701 and HD650s.
The dampener of the HD650 are metallic though, so it can't be a support material
I have around $500 and I'd like some advice on a complete headphone amp solution (I'm driving a HD650 and AKG K701). My choices right now are:   Nuforce Icon HDP         vs   The Maverick Audio A1 + D2 Combo       The HDP has had some rave reviews, but since it's so much smaller and an integrated unit, I'm have doubts as to whether it could compare against the larger and discrete Maverick Combo.   Any advice and guidance would be...
My chances are low, but bump for the Headphone engineer that's lurking somewhere here.
Can you do a quick test: at the same amp level, which headphone is louder?   I have both and my HD650 is louder at the same level than my AKG K701. I thought the 300ohms of the HD650 should make it more difficult to drive?
Does anybody know what the black markings on the metal acoustic dampeners are for?   (please ignore the zoom in of the driver, this was the best photo I could find)  
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