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Any Pono users here?  How does it compare to 601LE?
Any one has both 601LE and Pono? How does it compare?
Hi folks.. My Rocoo Pis still up for grabs.. Looking for an early sale or trade. Thanks.
What other firmware can I try for Rocoo P?  Will (& which ) studio versions work?  Can I use Rocoo BA for improved sound with IEMs?   I use predominantly with in-ear earphones.    Thanks.
Thanks... Will do
Any recommendations on how I can get Spinfit / sony hybrids eartips in India?    Also, will appreciate opinions on Monster Super Foam and Gel tips.  I am undecided due to mixed reviews.   Thanks.
Used Hisoundaudio Rocoo P in very good condition.  Has been kept mostly in a neoprene case.  Has couple of scuffs during use, but nothing that affects functionally / performance.   Not using much use since I got 601LE.   This is available in Chennai, India and will prefer local pickup.  Can arrange for a courier to Bangalore. Can post at buyers risk and cost.    Asking for Rs. SOLD   Will consider trades for any interesting IEMS or portable players.   Please PM...
This is an interesting thread that I found when I wanted to ask if headphones get better with age.  It seems to get better after break-in.
With the Hifiman's not making portable players with R2R DACs, are these becoming rare now?     Hope it will not go extinct.    What are the alternatives? 
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