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Bought!! An interesting sound signature. Thanks.
I have been using Spinfit (small bore) for Phonak PFE.  This has been the best tip upgrade for me (and the sound is more clear and punchier than other tips that I tried including foam and monster gel tips).  Monster tips have been painful to use after some time and would not recommend.  The isolation is also better.  
Looking for a Tera Player in good condition, from CONUS.   Thanks.
Bump for the wonderful portable R2R player!!!   Grab this if you like an R2R player in your collection.  Once I listened to R2R, I could not go back to the SD players.     I would have taken this if I didn't have a 601 LE.   Cheers!!
The fit is not perfect, with sound cutting off from one ear.  I believe it could be due to variation in quality.  I can adjust the connector and there is connectivity in some positions.  There is no impact on sound quality though when it connects fully.   It is a shame that for such high quality earphones, there are no quality replacements.
Seems like a very interesting IEM to review and similar to those I enjoy most.  Count me as interested in reviewing, though I have not done any recent reviews.   I have moved to CA, and will be interested to review.   Two of my favourite earphones that I use till day are JVC HA FX 1000 and Panasonic HJE 900, though these are old, I like the quality of timbre and bass and enjoy the earphone straight out of Hifiman HM 601LE.  (Not the usual or most popular ones now a...
 These do not have a perfect fit with HJE900, but still works.  The length of the connector is a bit shorter and seems to be a tad thinner than HJE-900
Wow!! Great to see someone still using these. I am still using this after may be 4 years.  Very enjoyable sound!!
Thanks for answering.  The bigger question for me is where can I buy 24-96 files of Indian music, where most of my listening is. 
Currently a good portion of my music file format is 16-44 WAV and 16 bit FLAC and I am quite happy with that.    Could anyone suggest where I can buy higher resolution files for Indian music (Mostly Illayaraja and Hindi classics)?    Also, is this worthwhile pursuit, considering the recording quality?   Cheers.
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