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Used Hisoundaudio Rocoo P in very good condition.  Has been kept mostly in a neoprene case.  Has couple of scuffs during use, but nothing that affects functionally / performance.   Not using much use since I got 601LE.   This is available in Chennai, India and will prefer local pickup.  Can arrange for a courier to Bangalore.   Asking for Rs. 5,500.    Will consider trades for anything interesting (may be etymotic ERs, interesting IEMS or portable players.  Not...
This is an interesting thread that I found when I wanted to ask if headphones get better with age.  It seems to get better after break-in.
With the Hifiman's not making portable players with R2R DACs, are these becoming rare now?     Hope it will not go extinct.    What are the alternatives? 
Thanks Jrazmar.  Studio 3rd Anniversary has its share of fans.  :)
Jrazmar,     Just curious, what did you buy?  (This is an old thread that I missed earlier)   I think every audio enthusiast must hear a good R2R dac output.  I have not had the same satisfaction that I get from 601LE when I compare with other (Sigma Delta) players.    The words that come to my mind immediately if I have to describe 601LE sound:  solid, detailed and non-fatigue / relaxed.     Cheers.
Planning to sell some of my audio gear (Rocoo P, Fostex t50RP and Cowon E2) to fund for next gadget.  Please buzz me if it is of interest to you.    Will be posting on for sale thread soon after I take some pictures.   Cheers. 
I agree.  Any other Chennaivasis interested in meet? Have a nice weekend.
How about a meeting sometime soon Kothganesh? Anyone else in Chennai?
Thanks Kothganesh. I'm in Perungudi, omr. How about you?
Excellent thread. It will be great to know fellow audio enthusiasts locally.   Here is one more from Chennai.  I guess I have settled down and not bought any earphones / players recently :).    I listen mostly to vintage Illayaraja, and ARRs?  Anyone for a local meet?     Gear:    1) HIFIMAN 601LE, JVC HA FX 1000 / Phonak Audeo 12 mostly.    2) Rocoo P, Cowon E2 - not using much but still enjoy these occasionally.  
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