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Bump for the wonderful portable R2R player!!!   Grab this if you like an R2R player in your collection.  Once I listened to R2R, I could not go back to the SD players.     I would have taken this if I didn't have a 601 LE.   Cheers!!
The fit is not perfect, with sound cutting off from one ear.  I believe it could be due to variation in quality.  I can adjust the connector and there is connectivity in some positions.  There is no impact on sound quality though when it connects fully.   It is a shame that for such high quality earphones, there are no quality replacements.
Seems like a very interesting IEM to review and similar to those I enjoy most.  Count me as interested in reviewing, though I have not done any recent reviews.   I have moved to CA, and will be interested to review.   Two of my favourite earphones that I use till day are JVC HA FX 1000 and Panasonic HJE 900, though these are old, I like the quality of timbre and bass and enjoy the earphone straight out of Hifiman HM 601LE.  (Not the usual or most popular ones now a...
 These do not have a perfect fit with HJE900, but still works.  The length of the connector is a bit shorter and seems to be a tad thinner than HJE-900
Wow!! Great to see someone still using these. I am still using this after may be 4 years.  Very enjoyable sound!!
Thanks for answering.  The bigger question for me is where can I buy 24-96 files of Indian music, where most of my listening is. 
Currently a good portion of my music file format is 16-44 WAV and 16 bit FLAC and I am quite happy with that.    Could anyone suggest where I can buy higher resolution files for Indian music (Mostly Illayaraja and Hindi classics)?    Also, is this worthwhile pursuit, considering the recording quality?   Cheers.
Anyone here with Tera and Pono player that I can try?   Thanks.
Absolutely Raghav. I can do a review before end of next week (I am likely to travel after that).    I live in Chennai.    Current DAPs:  Hifiman 601LE & Cowon E2 Current Earphones:  JVC HA FX 1000, Phonak Audeo 112, Panasonic HJE 900. No Amps or FIIO products.   Avid reader of reviews. Here is only one that I did:  http://www.head-fi.org/products/hisoundaudio-rocoo-p/reviews/7067.  Looking to start reviewing audio gear again.   Cheers.
Excellent.   When is the review tour likely to begin?   Cheers.
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