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Those damn Hippo VB's, god what a freaking joke those things were. And I WANTED to love them. Our love was impossible, however.  The build quality made me want to vomit. I could have flossed my teeth with the cable it was so thing.   And all these people talking crap about the Klipsch Image S4's, lol y'all smokin crack? S4's be my home boys.
heat shrink is an awesome idea, thanks a lot you guys!
There is a small, circular, piece of cotton/paper in both my headphones from sony.  They're in-ear-montiors, does anyone know what these little circular pieces of paper are?  They're in the nozzle of the in-ear-portion of the headphone....?
So I just got my Klipsch X10i's today, and so far I'm pretty impressed.   (By the way has anyone else noticed that with high-volume the bass molds right into the vocals, and becomes very distorted? are mine defective?)   Does anyone have any good cable-mods or tips to prevent my cables from cracking/splitting in high-stress areas?  I don't really want to gobb electrical tape all over the joints... not on a $300+ pair of headphones...   thanks guys
Do you still have the Klipsch x10's?
okay seriously what is up with everyone buying headphones off of these random ass websites?! Jaben? GuitarSuperWorld? HeadphonePlusExtreme?? Maplesound?!   I'm an American, and I just want some damn American headphones, this Vsonic, Hippo, and Meelectronic stuff is absolute crap.   and by the way @lee730, the Shure series of IEM's are some of the best looking and well-made headphones I've ever seen. They blow that cheap chinese vsonic garbage out of...
Do the Sony MHC1's have a different model number or name?? The only ones on eBay are from Hong Kong!  And so far everytime I've bought a pair of sony headphones from Hong Kong they've been 100% fake.  Just horrbily made sony (fony) replicas.  Where do you recommend buying the Sony MHC1's?    I would really like to try these for on $25! They look good too!
thanks again for all your great advice, but WHAT is up with all these people recommending Vsonic products?  They look like cheap chinese pieces of crap, the wires are thin, and every vsonic product ive ever seen has hideous packaging and an uncut "molded plastic" look.  I noticed this terrible build quality with the Hippo VB's too!   Is Vsonic popular is other countries that the US? I've never heard of them until I stared reading Head-Fi, are they popular in Europe...
Thanks for your response to my posting!   The Atrio MG7's look horribly cheesy, poor color choices, and are 100% cheap plastic.  They look like something out of a Kinder Surprise egg, and I couldn't image paying more than $50 USD for them, let alone $150!   What do you think of Brainwavs? NuForce? MEElectronics? SoundMagic? or even VSonic?
It was about two years ago when I first listened to the Klipsch S4 Image headphones.  Before that, I had only ever listened to the crappy Apple iPod white earbuds.  Listening to the Klipsch S4's completely blew my mind, I had no idea what I was missing.   Fast forward two years later I have YET to find a pair that feels as warm as the Klipsch S4's.  Seeing that Klipsch won CNET's Editor Award confirmed my decision that these are the greatest headphones ever...
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