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 This thing is in perfect shape, I used it a few times because a month after I got it, I bought a Pico DAC/AMP. I kept the D12 for my wife but she has no use for it so has been in my drawer ever since. It come with a leather pouch, warranty card and an optical cable (not in  the pictures but I could add it if requested, same for the iBasso Topkit). I'm including the famous, high quality, HiFlight Topkit of opamp (that's the little yellow round box in the pictures) that you...
I got the for my wife because she has small ears and she has a hard time finding earphone that fit. These fit but she doesn't like the around the ear thing.  The are really new, she tried them on for a minute and put them right in the box. The go for 29.99$, I can sell for 20$ + shipping + Paypal Fees. But I'm also willing to trade for a good budget in ear/bud, so make your offer. (I'm also willing to put up some cash it a trade calls for it)
I have 2 Silver Sennheiser Amperior Headphones to sell, they are brand new in box and sealed. Sold for 300$ in stores. They come with a 2 year warranty.   I'm asking for 260$ each   Features   Features Closed, supraaural dynamic headphones Neodymium ferrous magnet systems and lightweight aluminium voice coils Balanced audio reproduction with warm mids and deep powerful bass Capable of handling club level volumes with high maximum sound pressure level Rotatable...
I just bought a Pico USB Amp/Dac and in the user manual, Headamp lists 2 recommended softwares ie. iTunes and Cog. This is the first I've heard of Cog so I wanted your opinion on this app but also what you Head-Fier Mac users use and prefers for your audio needs.   Be it audio/media player, equalizers, converters, tweakers or MP3 player library managers.
Selling my UM3X, they are a little over 2 years old. One side had connector defect, so I sent them in to Westone, who gave them a complete makeover.   Here's what was done (document to prove the work doneit and guarantying their work for one year)   New epic cable New connectors on both sides New inner wiring on both sides New shelling both sides Armatures tested They even sent it back with brand new tips, cleaning tool and case One year...
I'm interested in the XBAs but I'm in Canada, if I cover the shipping fees, would you sell to me?
Hey head-fiers, I just got an email from Earphone Solutions announcing the Westone ADV Alpha (Adventure Series ???) said to be the first cross-over earphones. I hadn't heard of these being in the works and I must say I'm pretty interested in trying these. Should I be?   Has anyone had a chance to try these out?   What do you guys think of these?
The W3 are still up for sale
Price Drop:  Now 200$ + shipping + fees     Picture 1: Shows the complete kit (forgot to include the bag with all tips but they're all there and non of them have been used) Picture 2: You can see the earphones in mint condition, the glossy finish is pristine. So are the Comply tips. Picture 3: This one show the factory installed tie wrap holding the Epic cable.    My W3s are in pristine condition. They have actually never been worn and still has the wire tie on it. They...
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