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Guess 2 1. A small in line amp/dac that plugs into your smartphone with a built in CTIA to OMTP switch 2. First button is the power button for the amp/dac 3. Second button is the CTIA/ OMTP switch
Guess 1 1. An in line microphone that plugs directly into your phone with a built in CTIA to OMTP adapter so that it can be used on any 3.5mm port. 2. First Button is the all purpose button to answer calls. 3. Lower Button is the switch to change between CTIA/ OMTP TRRS standard.      
I gather Wizard is the mastercraftsman, not the in ear monitor itself. I was gonna say... Even the Koss Porta Pro isn't 40 years old.
If I am not mistaken, I think your problem has as much to do with the M2Tech driver board inside the Metrum deck as the power itself. If you get your hands on a USB to SPDIF converter that uses the XMOS boards in lieu of M2Tech, and supplies its own power, you should be good to go as you can bypass the USB input all together. Which would allow you to connect your computer via USB and your iOS device via SPDIF.  The iFi iLink is relatively affordable option, alot of people...
Not really looking for trades. I suppose their is a handful of items I would take, but the list is pretty short and specific.   Beyerdynamic T1, Mytek 192...   Mostly looking for cash so I can make some improvements to my wife's truck.  
I have for sale a Metrum Acoustics Musette with the new updated Transient In House DAC modules built by Cees Ruttenberg himself. The New Dutch Audio Classic to replace Philips long time dominance in digital audio.     This dac is scary good... Ridiculous detail retrieval without the forced, unnatural feeling I get with Delta Sigma options. This is not the old school mid range focused Non-Oversampling. This is deep potent bass, top end brilliance and ambient recording...
Congrats to Sopranino.   Hey MASSDROP. Get these on US Soil and I'll buy them.   Pioneer CS series speakers. They are available in the EU but not the US. The CS-3070, CS5070, CS 7070. Old school vintage look to them and reasonably priced.
Alright so I got my Musette today but am still waiting on the Octave... Also its early so no comparisons. It visually Reminds me of my old Rega Dac except faceplate is more Spartan. Hooked it up through usb and my converter via coax (choosing red and white rca jacks for coax 1 & 2 was an odd, slightly confusing choice). I couldn't hear much difference between the two inputs. Early impressions with LCD2.2 were mixed... Sounded kinda muddled and top end seemed too rolled...
Will do. Octave vs. Musette and compare both to the DAC 960. I think it'll be a fascinating comparison... Metrum is a young Dutch company advancing the state of the art and Philips is a Dutch company that is essentially the God Father of digital conversion.I couldn't be happier with my playback front end right now.
One would hope the move to custom in house Resistor ladder modules would be an improvement. But considering I've bought and sold a number a decent rigs but am still holding tight to a dac made in 1986... I don't always presume newer is better.
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