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It worked! I forced iTunes to run another iTunes Match scan, and then it picked up and matched all songs of the album. Mysterious...
I'm in the same boat as you... with the same questions. I just downloaded my 1st HDtracks album (Eagles - Hotel California) and it is in ALAC 24bit/96khz. And i have iTunes Match that is saying this is "ineligible" for the service ... Did you find an answer to this problem ?
I'm very interested in both of these, namely because they have at least four switchable digital inputs; 2x toslink & 2x coax. The TEAC UD-501 is newer and seems more "future-proof" spec-wise. Unfortunately i haven't yet listened to either of them. I also found the Rotel RDD-1580 that is similarly priced and has 4 inputs. And as the OP mentionned, the Arcam irDAC... Is there any other model (with 4 inputs in the 800$ range) that we can compare them to ?
I concur with both of the above post, plus the latest Amon Amarth album "Deceiver of the Gods" is produced by Andy Sneap.Then considering the OP question, mentioning power/melodic metal, my favorite band is Wintersun. Both the s/t 2004 debut and "Time 1" are definately worth a listen... The next Time 2 album will be fabulous i'm sure.
About the Racoon SG300 ability to decode 24 bit / 192 kHz file, Ii find conflicting information... It's primarily labeled as being a 24bit/96kHz DAC - amp. However, it has the Cirrus Logic CS4398 decoder chip which is 192 kHz capable, and a second chip (for "D/A" conversion) the Tenor TE7022L which specs at 24bit/96kHz only. Can somebody explain if 192 kHz files will be properly played with this Racoon SG300 ? thanks
Wow; check out this nice xDuoo TA-03 (or sometimes referred to as XT-03 )... Anybody tried it ?  
To everyone who owns an MP-301 or to anyone hesitating because of that background buzz issue; you must absolutely order the 20$ 75-ohm adapter that Garry sells in the "cables" section of the Musical Paradise website. I just plugged mine in the MP301 mk3 original 2012 version with my 38 ohm ATH-M50 and behold... noise/hum is totally gone ! only pure music to my ears ! fantastic... Please note however that the adapter is female 3.5mm and then male 6.5mm, so your headphones...
I just discovered the KEF M500. Although it's "on-ear", not closed.  People seem to like it. Reviews are very positive. would that one be a significant step up from my ATH-M50s ?   BTW; i tried the Sennheiser Momentum, but i didn't feel it sounded much better than the ATH-M50s. They just more costly, more compact and prettier.
Thanks for the thread. So, are you happy with this unit? Any hum, or other issues ? I already have a Musical Paradise MP-301MK3 at my office, but its quite bulky. I just want something smaller with the same audio qualities... There's the Aune T1, but what about this Fabriziolo ?
Any reviews of the XBA-NC85D ? Are they good?
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