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I'm very interested in both of these, namely because they have at least four switchable digital inputs; 2x toslink & 2x coax. The TEAC UD-501 is newer and seems more "future-proof" spec-wise. Unfortunately i haven't yet listened to either of them. I also found the Rotel RDD-1580 that is similarly priced and has 4 inputs. And as the OP mentionned, the Arcam irDAC... Is there any other model (with 4 inputs in the 800$ range) that we can compare them to ?
I concur with both of the above post, plus the latest Amon Amarth album "Deceiver of the Gods" is produced by Andy Sneap.Then considering the OP question, mentioning power/melodic metal, my favorite band is Wintersun. Both the s/t 2004 debut and "Time 1" are definately worth a listen... The next Time 2 album will be fabulous i'm sure.
About the Racoon SG300 ability to decode 24 bit / 192 kHz file, Ii find conflicting information... It's primarily labeled as being a 24bit/96kHz DAC - amp. However, it has the Cirrus Logic CS4398 decoder chip which is 192 kHz capable, and a second chip (for "D/A" conversion) the Tenor TE7022L which specs at 24bit/96kHz only. Can somebody explain if 192 kHz files will be properly played with this Racoon SG300 ? thanks
Wow; check out this nice xDuoo TA-03 (or sometimes referred to as XT-03 )... Anybody tried it ?  
To everyone who owns an MP-301 or to anyone hesitating because of that background buzz issue; you must absolutely order the 20$ 75-ohm adapter that Garry sells in the "cables" section of the Musical Paradise website. I just plugged mine in the MP301 mk3 original 2012 version with my 38 ohm ATH-M50 and behold... noise/hum is totally gone ! only pure music to my ears ! fantastic... Please note however that the adapter is female 3.5mm and then male 6.5mm, so your headphones...
I just discovered the KEF M500. Although it's "on-ear", not closed.  People seem to like it. Reviews are very positive. would that one be a significant step up from my ATH-M50s ?   BTW; i tried the Sennheiser Momentum, but i didn't feel it sounded much better than the ATH-M50s. They just more costly, more compact and prettier.
Thanks for the thread. So, are you happy with this unit? Any hum, or other issues ? I already have a Musical Paradise MP-301MK3 at my office, but its quite bulky. I just want something smaller with the same audio qualities... There's the Aune T1, but what about this Fabriziolo ?
Any reviews of the XBA-NC85D ? Are they good?
Another 2years after, but here is a new band from California with a superb album: Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils
More pics of the Momentum Black please
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