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It was an internal joke, understandable to all that ever heard the Decca test record pictured to the right of the HFN disk .
The standard demo for the RHT T20s is their neutral/flat filters - which is as satisfying as it comes. The only reason why I asked for/insisted on bass boost  filters to be installed, is the fact  that I do not use "neutral" amp. I use DIY portable amp by Jan Meier. Which IS a damn neutral amp - IF not used with the crosfeed engaged - which is a default setting for me. Its only drawback is slight loss in bass quantity - and the ideal filter for use with this amp w/crosfeed...
No, I had toooooo much in my plate already - it never goes to "wish timetable", missed F, missed K, missed R, missed S, missed.... - I do not want to go trough my wish list as of now. No way you can see it all in one day - it is the biggest show on the planet, with one odd Fang Bian in one corner, 10 meter across another odd David Chesky, add couple more metres odd X, odd Y - and so on.  But it was only Friday that I could attend.
No mystery product I could see - it was RHA T20 IEMs.
Please see :  post #85
Correct product ID is RHA T20 - IEMs
I just returned from Munich by a night train - and all I can say to those attending the show : try the RHA 20 at all cost.   RHA T20 is more than worth auditioning - I did get to hear it using my own master DSD recordings from my own source - and I liked it better than Sennheiser ie-800 . I'm simply too tired at the moment for nitpicking ( I go to sleep during the day for 5 hours, then an important recording is awaiting me) - but unless you absolutely got to have treble...
.....shall be out of window.... !
The holy grail is JVC TRS 1007 and the rest from this series, followed by the CBS STR series. There is a catch 22, though - one particular evening on ebay last year, I was offering total in excess of 1K for three discs I was after -  yet could not spend a dime. Whatever the amount , I got outbid in the last second (or less, obviously a bidding bot with unlimited funds ) - and my offer was more than twice higher than  the offerof the honorary mention 3rd person.
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