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@Baycode : thank you, that was Way Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty . Senn  double flanges will get ordered ASAP.   I went into a search mode for tips as shallow as possible - and found on DX/Tinydeal/Focalprice/ETC this tip is rather...
W     O      W  !   !   ! 
Sure I remember who the original overdub "sinner" was .  No problem, if and when I stumble upon something interesting in music, I gladly share .
@Baycode : Since I obviously decided to get the tips that will yield the best from the Havi B3, please comment how do the tips from perform on Havi B3 (Old Version). In Chinese thread you mentioned them as being tried on Havi B3 ( II, new?) and Penon IEM - impressions/comparisons ? 
I am actually in principle against overdubbing and mixing of even far lesser proportions than used to make this track possible - but decided to turn blind eye due to overall music merit. And as far as Tommy Emmanuel is "the one and only" - so is the recording engineer Franko Russo , in this case helped by Stefano Arciero. To illustrate what I mean: 
Although the OP's original post does hint at the possibilities of binaural, that recording leaves much to be desired.    Here two of the better binaurally recorded videos on YT :    
Update after only < 1 day : what you say unfortunately proved true. On third insertion, I no longer could achieve anything like satisfactory seal.
Thank you ! I will get the exact measurements once my calipers resurface - in my own post-nuclear bunker. The ratios are easy to decipher from the clear photos. Need is the mother of all innovation - and about an hour or so ago I mounted the comply/foam tips that also came with Havi - ALL the way as it would go. It IS a tight fit indeed ( I suggest stretching the inner tube of the "Comply" overnight on some pencil or drill bit of just slightly bigger diameter than the...
Your answer only goes to prove : ".... careful what you wish for, for it might come true...!"  Those less edgy midhighs are my prime goal - and your confirmation that spirals indeed provide those is yet another  "sorry for your wallet" moments.  As you have both the large and madium spirals - can you please measure them, both diameter and overall height ?  Your double flanges experience roughly describes mine as well. Regarding tips originally provided with my Havi - I...
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