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Sad indeed.  RIP, Maestro .
This is about as correct and honest answer to the question as humanly possible. GREAT job ! 
U-Turn chose to include bare bones adjustments - wisely so. No antiskate as of present, but any unipivot DOES allow for the azimuth adjustment - by manipulating the offset of the counterweight. Contrary to the directions in, it should be possible to adjust azimuth by rotating the counterweight SLIGHTLY in either direction, as required, and NOT leaving it in straigt down position. Principle is the same for any unipivot arm - from the...
Just found this: Nice: ultrasonic RCMs are getting in the accesible price range, first were 4k+ devices, although this one at 1K5 is not cheap, it is much more affordable to more people.
I agree leveling the Orbit is a must - because of the unipivot tonearm.  I stopped careing about exact vertical tracking force long ago - it has to track real test (and later music ) records correctly first, at the least VTF/antiskating that will do the trick. I merely check the VTF arrived at using test record(s)  is within - or SLIGHTLY - above manufacturer's recomended range; I never adjust for say 1.8 gram EXACTLY.Although there are carts specified at 2 g + - 0.05 gram...
Finally - an Orbit in flesh, by a "confirmed" customer. How was/is the first impression while unboxing, does it inspire confidence it is something that will serve you well into reasonable future or is it "...little bit chintzy, but it's nicely displayed..." ( quote from Zappa's song Flakes , from the Sheik Yerbouty  album ) - I deliberately left out, being from Europe, the words just preceeding the quoted part  ....
I certainly understand where are you coming from - space constraints ARE the hardest thing in audio. 
Confirmation could not have been stronger... CONGRATS !
I would STRONGLY recommend refurbished Star instead of Sapphire. Reason? Vacuum hold down system. It is the single most influental difference in the vinyl replay. No matter what arm and cart you will end up using on the SOTA - getting (refurbished) Sapphire instead of Star would not be too far removed from false economy.  I will trot out the old slogan of Tandberg from their best days: Quality remains long after the price has been forgotten.
Simple logic. Fun signature $ell$ better than neutral "nothing special" one. Try to sell neutral phones to an EDM ( or whatever) basshead ...If there were say 5 decent headphones, IEMs etc available, and with an accesible price tag to boot, there would be no head-fi  to begin with - EVER. There is no such thing as perfect cans for every listener and every kind of music - but equally true is the fact that no one needs more than say 5 DECENT pairs. 
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