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Fair enough.
I am not cable crazy guy - far from it. I do not approve or like LOTS of audiophile cables with prices that defy any reason - like 5 figure for speaker cables, for example. These little oil cables are good. How about listening to them - you may be surprised. Then again, no affiliation with either maker or seller(s).
The price of the digital processor chip - whatever it is - is invisible compared to the supporting electronics and particularly when compared to the quality analog section(s).  Then again, seeing a mass produced piece of electronics being equipped with  a front plate of the thickness fit for a tank, replacing a few electrical components and selling it as own product at five times or more price than the original stock unit IS snake oil.
Now - as if you have never heard a totally brand new never used cable that was rough in the beginning ... These oil filled cables went to great lengths by design to prevent this as much as possible - and they do not require electrical DC bias to achieve this "pre-polarization" of the dialectric and thus do not require the burn in. The insulation on the silver plated wire is porous - meaning it is there only to physically prevent short circuiting, while allowing oil...
Plausible. Still requires microphone/preamp that goes all the way to 100 kHz to be able to do that on playback - even if we assume that above 20 kHz sound has no effect on the human perception - it is not necessary only hearing involved . Splitting hairs is good ( in about the same way as this speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Da1tDKFfno - for the normal people to be able to get their eggs hair-free.
Regarding the transducer - the microphone - - there are more options. The first choice would be the only mic intended for music recording covering the 100 kHz response :  https://www.sanken-mic.com:6015/en/product/product.cfm/3.1000400 https://www.sanken-mic.com:6015/en/product/freqpola.cfm/3.1000400 Trouble - I do not have it - and neither I do have access to it - yet. As it happens that the representative for the Bruel & Kjaer in our country is a 10 minute walk from my...
 Will answer tomorrow today (03:39 AM here ) after I wake up.
Ever heard a first press Solti/Wagner on Decca? Second press ? Third ?          First CD ? Second CD ? Final CD ? I did cover that before, if interested, dig out in the old posts.
Um - multitude... Japan vinyl pressings are primarily superiour to anything else because of - you have guessed it - Japanese vinyl. Particularly that developed for the CD-4. No longer in production for decades, unfortunately. Quite a few US audiophile labels pressed their vinyl in Japan because of that - Reference Recordings and Mobile Fidelity included. With esoteric American , sometimes even European music.
Oh dear...  -  I have commented on that link before. It is riddled with false - and at best - poorly understood capabilities of vinyl. There are good and accurate accounts - and there are total under appreciations.
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