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I have seen Premiata Forneria Marconi mentioned only by PFM initials : here a recent(ish) performance with English sung text :     Otherwise, my introduction to them was in mid 70's :  
I brougt this vinyl from my only visit to London in 1977 - good memories !
Thanks for keeping it brief - J.River was the "prime suspect" of mine also.  Now HQPlayer also looks promising. I guess I will have to test both.
GREAT post. And great venue. I bet the "souvenir" you took with you home will be cherised for years to come. Just one caution ; you should ALWAYS obtain permission to record - or otherwise learn something better than the disclaimer from : "mics? I no got no mics!  Besides, I no have to show you no stink'n mics!" stxxlth taper's disclaimer
If you are handy with soldering iron, this is a GREAT sounding amp in kit form : It is what I am using; it kind of limps along on 9 V battery ( best to use rechargeable NiMH batteries, which fully charged almost reach 10 V ) - but better results are achived if powered off 12 V sealed lead batteries - the bigger, the better. Somewhere on head-fi is a thread about this very kit - the only problem is finding the volume...
I have a friend with Nano and I am getting it for a test over a couple of days.   Which software is recommended for Win 7 and DSD ONLY ? It can play PCM as well - as long it does not compromise native DSD in the slightest.  I record my own DSD material and lack of DSD up to DSD128 is no issue. I am running Foobar 2000 at the time, but have heard people say this is not exactly the best of solutions. The reason I am interested in nano is the ability to play DSD natively...
Well, according to what we know. Who can guarantee that these are fakes when there is a slim chance they made blue "limited edition" exclusively for DealExtreme ?Volume of sales on Deal Extreme probably dwarfs most other operations. I am not leaning in that direction either ( got my Piston 2.0 from ibuygou a while ago ) - just curious whether popular IEMs "trickle down in price" trough Deal Extreme or other similar sources - or it means they are 10000000 % fakes ...
As a matter of fact - I do. That's why I asked in the first place - because I do have good experience with genuine items from them ( although not IEMs ). I ralized that closed back version is a Piston 1.0 - or is trying to look like it.
Great album trough great IEMs - no wonder you got emotional. Thanks for sharing ! Agreed. Every now and then, ads turn honest/true. This one nailed it; despite - or precisely because of - being written in "Chinese poetry" way.
So what did you expect from something advertised to give the relaxed comfortable listening experience : ... Like faithful lover, warm, soft, soothing your ears and soul.... .
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