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No. Stators (or anything else ) of an electrostatic driver are not acting as ground - the closest to that would be stators connected to ground potential via some pretty high resistance - coupled to high voltage amp trough capacitor, in order not to have the usual half of the high voltage power supply voltage directly on the stators.  Stax SRM1MK2 amp, which is a DC coupled design troughout, places approx 450 V DC directly on the stators - half of its supply of 900 V DC or...
Good one. Will check if my PC has SPDIF input ( I am sure it has S/PDIF output - optical, IIRC ).  BTW - my Pioneer PD-6J CD/SACD player allows for switching the S/PDIF output off - producing audibly better sonics with its own inbuilt DAC than when S/PDIF output is enabled. Any idea what causes this ( I did read about it and forgot ) ?
That is a bit arrogant - even for the likes of bigshot . Seriously, continuing in this tone will lead you nowhere. About the same as American pilots volunteering for what later became known as  Flying Tigers were told all Japanese airplanes are biplanes and all Japanese wore glasses. Then they learned - the hard way - what Zero is. And that Japanese pilots can see just fine. Without such arrogant attitude, quite a few lives could have been spared. I have witnessed first...
It is.  Expect a thorough turntable setup description soon - cartridge loading included.
Now this IS trolling .
CD-ROM drives benefit much in the same way - mechanically, they are pretty much the same, holding the disc only by the clamp around the disc hole.
No trolling . You can find similar reviews of basically the same thing : 0.3 mm thick precisely cut carbon fiibre disc :
Tinfoil electrically connected to anything conductive? It would change the capacitance, it would improve screening against hum and RF pickup - time to get yourself a tiny but useful RLC meter ?
I bought it out of curiosity at first - and it did not last a day in my system. Because it was snatched from me by a friend - he offered to buy it at a price I would be foolish not to accept - but he"cursed" me for not demoing the mat to him two weeks before - because in this case, he would not have bought a new CD player... - because old player + CD mat was equal of the new CD player that can not accept CD mat(s). Without CD mat, old player lost to the new one - no...
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