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I only answered the question(s). I will refrain from anything CD mat related until the full complement of samples is posted.
It is precisely tripping this error algorithm LESS that contributes to better reproduction in real time using normal CD ( CD-R) player. Or during burning of the CD-R. CD players differ among themselves, at least in digital domain, primarily due to different error correction algorithms.  Less errors > less tripping correction > better reproduction. As simple as that.. And errors come in from mechanical resonances in the spinning disc - the amplitude of which is GREATER than...
It is a thin disc, below 0.5 mm, usually in the 0.3 mm thickness range, with a hole in the center, basically mimicking the dimension of a CD, made from as acoustically dead material as possible. In most cases it is carbon fibre, the high end variety uses graphite. Graphite is the most sound deadening material in solid state. Making a disc so thin from graphite that will not be too brittle for anything but the extreme pampering is quite a challenge - and reason why there...
Nope - but I did wake up - thoroughly - at about midnight/0:30 ... ! 
Yes, I will try to do that. Given the fact that my PC monitor exploded in front of me yesterday and that I had to get a stopgap replacement, that I am recording today,  demoing some recordings tomorrow, recording again saturday and sunday, had a presentation yesterday which has to be repeated on highest level on monday - I really have next to no time for that.  I barely get the time to recharge the batteries ( usually work independent of the mains - there can be any amount...
NOT true. Back in the day, before the CD, Technics had THE ENTIRE CHAIN - from phono cartridge to loudspeaker - capable of "flat" response to at least 120 kHz. Say within +-4dB limits. Go check specs of any Stax headphone - and see if it rolls off above 20 kHz. And there are others - MANY of them - which meet or exceed 40 kHz - and beyond. 
Oh, you are clinging to that tangential diversion  as (per our proverb ) a drunk clinging to a fence.  There is a limit up to which I can tolerate such behaviour. I certainly do not want this microphonics thing to  become the main topic of the thread ( as I am NOT into HSD (Hollow State Devices ) in any way enough to offer a competent answer ) - but dismissing anything I might possibly write as "tangential diversion" by you is really getting a nuissance.
It hits the nail directly on the head -  !
I ADORE your definition of Pro Tools - blyak !
In a word - no. As Schaffer has pointed out before me, it is the precision of "everything" that holds the said cartridge in place and "drives" it. By fitting a perfect cartridge ( which does not exist ) onto a lower quality table/arm, the imperfections of table/arm will get read - you guessed it - perfectly. And it is anything but pleasurable to hear all that ******* exposed .... When VPI came out with its new DD TT and 3D printede arm , they demonstrated its superiority...
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