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I would ADORE if the Tandberg TD20 A would  at me ... - one of the very best R2Rs ever made.
That Missa Criolla recording has been made in - ahem - ANYTHING but a whitewashed Argentinian chapel. It was studio cramped to the max of max of max. As the textbooks are fond of saying, finding the pics of the recording session is left as an exercise to the reader . Regardless, the recording is GREAT - and it is a shame it never made it to the TAS list. If it does not give you chills, goosebumps and/or chicken skin - check if you are still alive. Highly recommended record !
Nice and VERY carefully chosen setup - pumping into some Maggies ? 
Awaiting the pic of-you-know-what  ...
 Blurring usually comes trough intermodulation with noise above 20 kHz coming off switching supply. I do not mean noise masking - as it can be "quiet" - just not "clean". It was meant output resistance of the POWER SUPPLY - not the output resistance of the analog output stage for powering headphones. They are in priciple all along similar solution : http://www.ebay.de/itm/330512380165?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
 Any switching power supply is likely to cause trouble. It can lead to audible difference in signal to noise ratio - and it can blur the treble. It can be audible. A decent battery is infinitely superior. And there are linear PSUs that can improve even on batteries - but at a price. About as low noise as batteries, but MUCH lower output resistance . For your micro - if you do not use it 24/7 - simply use it on its own internal battery.
The beauty of the micro is in the fact that it has a GIGANTIC  inbuilt battery - so much capacity, it needs to have USB output port - to charge your smartphone that would run out of steam long before the micro does. Micro can drive on its own battery the toughest load of them all, the AKG K-.1000 headphones, at full output for approx 4 hours. Meaning of the above micro is going to perform for something like 8 hours on a single full charge using more reasonable headphones...
Can't blame you; although never listened to HE-560 (I skipped that in preference to the HE-1000), K-340 is not *exactly* showpiece of ES technology, being a hybrid with dynamics & passive woofer membranes; I assume HE-560 is a much better headphone. They still make Acoustats, though - in China ... Not to mention listening at various positions within the hall to the music of a certain Gustavo Mahlerotti  - definitely LOTS of hope for you !
You are half way there ( AKG K-340 ...) 
Given the chance, your (supposedly?) sarcastic comment would have proven to be about as true as it gets... ( IIRC, you are the man asking about building the ESLs - which in itself are THE source/teacher of all capacitor related audio blues imaginable  ...)
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