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This is a nice attempt to solve the record/mat/platter inteface - with 1210 in stock form, I can even believe it actually resulted in sound as described. How this can help at very far from flat records is something beyond my comprehension - it should make warped records even worse.
Early bird catches the worm ... I am REALLY interested how this particular "bird" will look like in say 10 years:  
Answer to the original question - Havi B3 ( Pro,  Original Old Version ). Providing B6 is B3 with a bit more bass, a bit smoother treble and being less power hungry while retaining all the other virtues of B3 - THAT would be awesome.
Oh - I wish I never saw this. For me, it is the final and decisive nail in the coffin with Technics inscription on it.   I DO understand that manufacturers have to make ends meet, that they are in buiness because of business and not because of proving the right cause .   Technics did , more than anyone else, push the limit of the possible. If anyone of you harbour the notion of Technics being "an inferiour Japanese brand producing mass consumption plastic junk" - think...
While typing above reply, listening to the Real McCoy ( LP ) and at the same time monitoring its DSD recording at 5.6 MHz ( trough the B3, of course ) - with one of the top 5 ( according to me, top 3 ) phono cartridges ever made : Audio Technica AT ML180 OCC . as it can be seen here : it is the last track on B side, meaning it can reveal any inner groove distortion related problems. Eminent...
I can fully sympathize with your initial, unedited  response -  . I seriously hope you can get a buyer - or else the claim that Turks are the most badass audiophiles on the planet *somehow* does not live to its reputation ...  ... happy listening  
  From your description, it was crystal clear KC06 can not hold candle to the B3 - thank you for $aving me $ome $ !
  B3's bass at its funkiest ...
I am afraid not . For nemerous reasons - I am afraid that demise of Telarc ( they were the pioneers in true sense of the word, from the choice of the music to the sound quality ) has seeds of doom exactly in that; too outlandish "alternative" catalog, recorded in too high sound quality for the general public to accept and swallow. And $u$tain Telarc with record/CD/SACD sales... Besides - that kind of SQ would be severely compromised in anything less than at least CD...     This time around from 192 kHz/24 bit FLAC - not bad at all, much better than all CD versions. 
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