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Welcome back !  Boy, does time fly - two weeks already ? Now, I see you have nice "room" for Carver Amazing Loudspeaker - outdoors ! 
The bonus of low efficiency or power hungryness of Havi B3 Pro Old Version is the fact they are extremely unlikely to hiss. I almost forgot that Korg MR 1 has headphone output - with more (normally ) efficient IEMs the thing hisses like crazy, not exactly something one would like to demontrate the superiority of DSD recordings with. With B3, silence via headphone out returned at last - or more properly said, for the first time.
Yes, Denons tend towards storia mai finita. The basic 103, regardless being relatively easy structure and almost older than the hills ( introduced in 1962 , how many audio components you know to have remained in the production for 52 years ? ) - but was always a correct cartridge. Its shortcomings ( tracking ability, channel separation ) Denon tried to improve with later models - funny thing, 103 outlived most of those ... Depends on the version, the ones with lower...
I am struggling to get DSD128 playback with nano iDSD and HQPlayer - it keeps maxing out at sampling rate of 3072000, which is obviously too low to play the required 5644800 - despite setting 12288000 for the bit rate limit, etc. Does anyone know the system requirements for HQPlayer for DSD128 ?   It works OK with DSD64 .
The whole point of how computer audio actually sounds is very hard to say - because it mainly runs on personal computers. Which are just that - personal. And can vary in performance and settings almost infinitely. It is impossible they will all sound the same with given software and hardware . It is perfectly possible for one computer to "inaudibly" misbehave - making a superior file sounding worse, because it is not capable enough or set up to play that file well enough -...
I cry FOUL - you can not like the Sumiko Blue Point #2.  At least not the one in the pic of the turntable posted . Because the cart in the pic is Denon DL-160 . just put any item # in search on "your" ebay - I linked German one because it is in my time zone and thus time errors in auctions are prevented.
It says "Account suspended" - but penon audio is still available on ebay as bigbargainsonline.  Given the sterling service they have been giving in the past, I believe this is a hiccup that will get rectified soon. About 1-2 weeks ago, my friend received a shipment from them - everything top notch.  Try contacting them on ebay - you should get reply shortly.
Fair enough ! I mentioned because I have a couple of friends with Plinius 100w/ch class A jobs. These are switchable between AB and pure class A on the front panel - yet so far, I have never saw that class A typical mirage - pure class A really runs hot, hotter than comfortable to the touch. Usually lots of heatsinks. There is one amp that hides its 100 or so/ch class A very classy under its classy wood  box - Swiss Physics.   You can see that preamp is physically larger...
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