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Thank you. I will do it the hard way with nano iDSD - along with many more analog and digital devices. As you can imagine, this will be a daunting task.
Well...white ones do stand out on (mostly) black vinyl better - but I next to never find a black one. Anyone did study on electrostaic properties of white vs black cat hair ( from the same cat ) and their attraction to vinyl records  ?
Thank you for the answer. Do I assume correctly this is response to the 10 kHz square wave ? I am perfectly aware there are many flavours of square wave reproduction with digital ( analog has also more than fair share of those too ) due to resolution and filtering. I would like to ask you to compare at least DSD128 and DXD - with one channel showing original analog square wave reference, the other output from the DAC - to give an idea of all delays involved etc. You could...
Believe it or not - I ocasionally still find white hairs from my white/black cat - she just made it to see the start of this millenium.Question - where are the black ones ?
Normally, I do not give up easily - but after failures to download over a weekend's time it was a bit of dissapointment. I am eager to hear how much better DSD256sounds compared to DSD128. As DSD files, specially DSD256 files are large ( 1 GB = 5.5 minutes of audio ), I will wait with the downloads till the time I have unlimited data transfer from my IP - from midnight to 6 AM . Hopefully, my setup will be able to play them .
Agreed on inner sleeves. Yet, an old record never impresses as much in a new inner sleeve than in something "with history and stories to tell".
Although the question was most probably meant for the ifi team, I do have iDSD Nano - on loan for a few (streeeetched for ? ) days. Still struggling with DSD players( JRiver 19, HQPlayer, Foobar2000 ) on Win7 machine. All I could do is to post photos from square waves as displayed on analogue oscilloscope - better than digital storage display. I do not have spectrum and distortion analyzers.
Please do show 1 kHz square wave response with all PCM and DSD resolutions/filter settings. For the 96 and up, you can use 6 kHz or 10 kHz square wave in order to show the superiority of DSD's pulse response. Intermodulation outside audio band measurements should also be presented; I do not agree with  at all, but the arguments are valid and hirez equipment should be free of this kind of (mis)behaviour by default.
Thank you for sharing the link. I have been struggling to download DSD256 files from the link within this link past few days - without sucess. The download starts, is extremely slow, and invariably quits at around 10% of the file. Never experienced such behaviour before from other sites - hope somebody else will have better luck...
Sorry for omitting the setup. It is Esprimo Q 9000, Intel i5 CPU  M520 @2.40 GHz    4GB RAM    64bit OS . It is extremely nice as it is small ( think 4 DVD cases - a bit shorter and a bit wider, but that really IS it ) & QUIET, downsize is it can not be expanded/upgraded - no way (I am aware of ) to fit more RAM etc. The latest version of Korg Audiogate, the V3.0.2, recommends CPU equal to or better than 2.66 GHz. .  As far as I can tell, it works as it should. - but I...
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