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After my posts, no one can accuse me of being a felt mat lover - but I thought it is appropriate to share this with you :
My German is only good for reading - but had a  moment "reading" it - . Good luck with the '60 all in one radio cabinet !
No difference in antiskate force going normal or from inner to outer groove. 
OK, consider yourself lucky as you were obviously blessed with whatever Dual Steuerpimpel you were stuck with, it was still working as it should have. Just Google this "pimpel" - it governs the overall performance od the Dual automatics and without its PRECISE action one is basically stuck where the  sun never shines... Regarding the sound quality of the recordings themselves, and vinyl mastering ( VERY different thing than mastering as we know it in the digital age ), I...
With MF involved, performance is unavoidable. I hope information was decently thorough. Hi end camera etc to allow the students to see the stylus from their classroom seats i$$$ the only problem... No need to imagine stylus tip 5 feet high - I am accustomed to look to normal TV screen size monitors for stylus orientation, VTA, etc - from Benz Micro Switzerland, where I used to work . 20" or so diagonal monitor(s) with lines for each degree of VTA for checking each and...
Smetana is underapreciated in non Slavic speaking world due to the language barrier - but his choruses are great.That at least some of the above may well not be true, is examplified by the fact that my copy of it was obtained from the States roughly 20 years ago - on LP pressed under the licence from Supraphon in the USA, prior to the availability of the current CD ( released in 1966 ):
I watched his DVDs on the subject. Nothing new to me.
Bruckner is something I still wish and have to digest; I have heard great many good things abot Celibidache : It is 10 years since I am no longer in CD retail, but I remember selling quite a few of the whole EMI sets. Celibidache's tempi are slow, much slower than  on average; yet it usually holds together surprisingly well. Here some more thoughts on the performances and some technical difficulties with CDs experienced that now seem to be fixed...
I used my Asus 1005HA netbook - it is not enough for the "normal" phones, let alone B3 Pro 1. Dynamics, and above bass, takes a "hit too far" . Think of a fashion model, anorexic enough for your first thought after seeing her, is to be getting her some/any food ...  Quite some phones are "power plants" compared to 1005HA netbook - so it MIGHT be possible .
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