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Sorry for the slow response, fell asleep :(.   I might be being abit picky here, but i just like the looks on Q701s more than the HD558s >.<~ To use a Q701 would I be fine with just using a headphone amp? One of the ones that have been suggested? Fiio E9 O2 Matrix M-stage   Or is there a better headphone amp I could get in the range of $300-400?   Thanks!
Thanks for those suggestions!   I'll be researching some more DACs/Headphones/Amps until more suggestions flow in ^_^. And as for headphones, would love some suggestions on which headphones to get (Closed, Open), where you get immersed into the music itself, if you know what i mean. Music is my top priority at the moment. :)))
Thanks for the quick reply!   Do you mind if you could share some nice DACs/Headphone Amps for let's say around the price range of $400~$700 combined? (Lower being better for me of course :D)   Oh and just incase you need to know, I'm usually on PC/PS3 if that matters.   And for the headphones It would be preferrable if I could get abit higher of a bass output than any regular headphones ^_^. (Quality being the priority though.)
Hello everyone!   I'm wondering what the best headphones would be in the price range of $300-400 for Music-JPop, Games, Movies. I recently got my hands on a Razer Tiamat 7.1, but I'm not really satisfied with what comes out of it. I mean, in games its pretty nice, but everything else is just so-so, not really good. I've got a Yamaha DSP-A2070 amp which i found in my storage while packing up to move houses, I'm not sure if its still a good amp as compared to the...
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