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Ok, the adapter i bought has just arrived and I plugged it in for around 30minutes and it's still popping. Should I keep the amp on until the battery depletes and try recharge or should I just keep it plugged in overnight?
Thanks alot for that, was getting scared there for a second. ^__^.
Oh, I just checked its an AC/DC Adapter.
It works for a few seconds now, and then these abnormal popping sounds come in after cutting my audio, like someone is hitting 2 blocks of wood together at a high speed.
Hi, I got my O2 a few days ago, and it was working fine for the first day. On the second day i turned it on, used it for around an hour, and it cut off my audio and starting making popping sounds. I couldnt get the audio to come out so i plugged the adapter and it started working again, until 30 minutes later it cut off my audio again and made popping sounds.   Anyone know what this means? Is it because im using a Razer Carcharias whilst I wait for my Q701. Or is...
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, really appreciate it!! I guess I'll be getting meself the Xonar D1 and an O2.   Thanks all again!!~~
Oh, well, to make this easier, could you just list the 2-3 things i should buy to make it easier :c I'm pretty lost, so i just want to know which one to buy >.<~ Will make my life easier, because I already ordered my Q701s, thanks!
OK! I've been reading for quite awhile now and heard HRT Music Streamer II+O2 would be a nice combo for the Q701s for around $300? And I'll be getting myself a Asus Xonar D1 as well :D. If theres any more suggestions you guys could come up with i'll be a happy man :D.
Sorry for the slow response, fell asleep :(.   I might be being abit picky here, but i just like the looks on Q701s more than the HD558s >.<~ To use a Q701 would I be fine with just using a headphone amp? One of the ones that have been suggested? Fiio E9 O2 Matrix M-stage   Or is there a better headphone amp I could get in the range of $300-400?   Thanks!
Thanks for those suggestions!   I'll be researching some more DACs/Headphones/Amps until more suggestions flow in ^_^. And as for headphones, would love some suggestions on which headphones to get (Closed, Open), where you get immersed into the music itself, if you know what i mean. Music is my top priority at the moment. :)))
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