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Wow, this is a surprise. I charged it for another day or two and its working with the AC/AC adapter now. Hopefully this lasts as long as I want it to. !!!!! - What!!! As I was typing this the music I'm listening to is starting to get choppy. Maybe I should keep charging it up?
It's charging fine, It's sounding as it should but, the only thing is, when I switched the batteries to different slots it worked. When they were in the original slots it made popping sounds. So my guess would be that battery got burnt or something is wrong with it.   Even if I switch the batteries around they making popping sounds on the AC/AC.
So I'm guessing I could still use it as it's supposed to be used?
I'm pretty sure it should be AC/AC. It charges well so, do you think I could just use it as it is?
Ok, so it charges on the AC/AC adapter, but theres no sound when I try play with the adapter in. I changed back to AC/DC and it plays fine. Any suggestions? T-T
Okay, I just checked out the batteries. One of them had no power so seeing how I used an AC/DC adapter before so the other battery is fully charged while the other one had nothing. Although I charged it with an AC/AC last night, I'm not sure why it didn't get charged properly. Will charge overnight again on the AC/AC. Happy to know its not broken or anything :))
Okay, I just woke up, It's still making popping sounds. Any other suggestions?
Okay, I'll drop a reply tomorrow after it charges overnight. Thanks :))
It was the adapter sold by JDS Labs so I would guess it's the correct one :s http://www.jdslabs.com/item.php?fetchitem=38
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