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  I associate perceptions of “warmth” in sound with two things:   Harmonic distortion of frequency response deviations in reproduction or, A deviation in the balance of frequencies reproduced where either the bass frequencies or high frequencies are attenuated relative to the mid-range effecting how we perceive the sound.   In the case of the AMB and Gilmore amps, they both have fantastically linear performance across the audible frequencies so I doubt this is the...
Interesting issue with Sigma/Beta 22.... I am told by the builder that the two units should not be stacked for thermal and EMI/RFI reasons unless you have 3" of space between them. I have always seen people stack them. I have a single space, 23" rack. I cannot see devoting two racks for these units or stacking them with tall spacers.
Hi, I am considering having a 4-channel Sigma/Beta 22 built to use with my HD800s. There are a number of upgrades available. I wanted ask this more technically oriented forum if they feel any of these are worthwhile: 1. Additional Sigma 22 power supply (comes w/ additional 80VA toroidal transformer) 2. Goldpoint stepped attenuator upgrade (quad channel) 3. Power supply upgrade: 100VA transformer, 6800uF x 2 filtering capacitors, ultrafast HEXFRED diodes A) none of...
I do not plan on using it with speakers. My speakers are active monitors that are hooked directly to my Grace m903. I am also not intending to build either. The Beta 22 would be built by YBM and the GS-X (which I thought was a Dynamid and not a Dynahi) will be built by Justin at HeadAmp. The amp would be used with 300 ohm Sennheiser HD800 headphones.
Thanks for the Nelson Pass amp references..   A naive question...   The Beta 22 uses a JFET as input devices and MOSFET as output devices.  I am not familiar enough between the differences in a Gilmore Dynalo/Dynamid vs. a AMB Beta 22 to understand how or if they are fundamentally different in transistor class/type etc.? The HeadAmp GS-X lists itself as a JFET, bi-polar transistor amp. Can someone who is familiar with both chime in?  
Hey Michaelson and Morley used mph (186,350), Think of it this way and your SR009s are a bit closer...
You realize as you approach the speed of light mass becomes infinite...:-)
I can see a pattern...:-)W22 -> LF -> GS-X -> ???
You present an interesting conundrum...How do you know which is colored and which is not? How do you know that the Beta 22 isn't the true sound and the GS-X doesn't sound different due to deviating from "true"? Unanswerable, I know but without a reference standard (the actual live performance) you can't truly know.You can hear what you consider to be color on the Beta 22 (most others also describe it this way so you're in good company). Both amps have ruler flat frequency...
So you own a tube (ZDSE) and a solid state amp (GS-X when it arrives). I have a fairly good SS amp/DAC (Grace m903) albeit not quite in the league of either that we have been discussing. One could argue that adding a tube amp like a DNA Stratus would provide me with contrasting listening experiences.:-)
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