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Hi,   I am the OP on this thread.  While I appreciate people's suggestions, I have already made my decision and ordered a DNA Stratus 2A3.
Donald North Audio
Thanks Sean.I would like to read these studies. Do you have any links to them or can you direct me to the journal, author title(s) etc.? Also, is the analysis of variance that you are referring to on the data that the figure with unbalanced sample sizes or another study?
The trends of the means or individual data?Small differences in means require large sample size in order to reject a null. I would like to see if the groups were normally distributed or were they skewed or did outliers shift means. We're the groups block randomized in terms of the order of speakers and piece of music they listened to?All of these factors matter when attempting to objectively separate difference from random chance. I tend to agree with you in terms of...
I really enjoy both types of transducers. I use both headphones and near field monitors. They definitely have different strengths and weaknesses. I am enjoying just how good small active monitors have become.
There are many excellent headphones in the
You will notice the difference...10% isn't that subtle.
Don't look for logic here...selling HF and cables takes activation energy!
In principle, the fewer connections the better. In actual practice many would say that during a blind A/B comparison few could tell the difference. It also might matter how resolving your system was as to whether you noticed a difference. The only headphones that I leave that way are my IEMs which are used 95% of the time as airplane/travel headphone. I use the 3.5 mm to 1/4" connector that came with my AKGs on the few occasions I listen to them amped.
What is truly interesting is that there are currently no more than 9 or 10 stratus owners in the World to share tube experiences (#11 and #12 are on order right now) with and most of them probably have read this posting on this website!Very Small World...:-)
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