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I confess, I had to take a picture of that thing, myself. :)
I too had a great time, met more good folks, and actually managed to make some planned comparisons -- in particular, comparing my current humble setup (turntable / o2) to some other comparably priced amps like LNCPapa's Tubemagic D1 which I found fantastic for the price! The Philips X1s were lovely and the AKG k812s were superb. The Hifiman HE-6, HE-4s, and Fostexes stayed too busy for me to try which is probably for the best, if they're as good as everyone said....
Cool.Thanks.Falafel works.   Ever been there?
The wife and I need to make an Ikea trip so I thought we'd kill two birds tomorrow but she's not at all interested in headphones. Is there anything nearby that could entertain my wife for a few hours? Movie theater? MASSIVE thrift shopping?   Also, is there anywhere between there and Ikea to get something decent to eat (with vegetarian options)?
We just did donations last year. It worked out well. People were very generous. (Thanks again)
Count me in for a donation. Thanks again for being generous at the Winston meet!
Yeah! And I really enjoyed your V-Modas at the Winston meet.
Planning on attending depending on the date. I'll bring my Technics SL-J2 turntable, CD player, LCD2, open-modded JVC HARX-700, AKG k240 Monitors, and my O2/ODAC.
I will most likely be tied up the last weekend of April but plan on making the meet on any other date, FYI.
December might be tricky with holiday stuff. Janurary might be better but I'll try to make it either way.
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