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Sweet!! Looking forward to it!
Hey! If you guys ever have room for one more, I'd love to come to one of these if you do it again. I live in Winston. I haven't been active on head-fi much in a while but feel free to message me.   I don't have a ton of stuff so I wouldn't take up much space, especially if I leave the turntable and records at home.   Cheers!
Things have come up and it looks like I won't be able to make the meet after all. I hope this doesn't cause too much trouble. Have fun and happy listening.
"Heyyyyyyyyy @jude. Don't make it bad. Take a sad siiiiiite and make it betteeeerrrrrr"
Actually, I just found a place to send programming suggestions. I'll try that and see what happens.
:) Maybe I'll start a thread, then. Is there a way to tag someone? And does anyone know who to tag as far as admins go?
I think we should start a petition to the Head Fi admin to make a map component to the site that shows Head Fi-ers nearby (if they opt to share their city location) to facilitate meets more easily -- not to mention more regular smaller meets with folks in your area. And yes, come hear my LCD 2s but also be impressed with the competitive $40 open-modded JVCs! :)
Should we start a list of attendees with their locations in the first post of one of these threads? I'm in Winston.
I'd most likely attend again especially as I'm interested in actually making some gear changes. I still have my same stuff from before (LCD-2, AKG k240 Monitor, open-modded JVC HARX 700, JDS Labs O2/ODAC, cmoy, and hopefully a pair of the Koss Portapros that I've been very interested in trying out for a long time). I like trying the cheap stuff. Up for throwing in a little on a space as well. 
Hi. My MassDrop username is (also) "RastaDolphin" and some products I'm interested in are the Tubemagic line of amps/dacs, the Audeze EL-8s, and some kind of USB audio input/output device. Non-audio products I'm interested in are US made jeans like Releigh Denim, btw.
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