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glad to hear you like your headphones which is always good to hear (or be read).
i was talking about the stock. i guess maybe it happens to only a few cause this was the first time somebody had the same problem as me.
i bought them from amazon so i just returned them and got my money back. I think leaving the stock cables in until you get an upgraded cable is a good idea cause my stock cable would always have a hard time getting off so i thought that was normal and then a few times later it broke. which made me sad cause i didnt even get to try out the Q701s. only a couple of hours. which made me sad cause thats my first headphone i bought. I thought it was just my headphone that had...
i had the Q701s and that exact problem happened to me. you have to be very careful and maybe just dont remove it once its in cause i broke mine trying to take it out. the cable was still stuck but the cable connector piece ripped off. that was my first headphone and i didnt know you had to be extra gentle with expensive headphones back then.
+1   i returned the STRETCH headphones for those exact reasons. i would try other headphones, there are better out there but i only have cheap headphones so im not the right person to ask which headphones you should get.
ok thanks for your help. the schiit asgard looks good i will probably get that even though it is outside my price range.
im going to be plugging it into my macbook.
im thinking of getting a denon ah-d5000 or a hifiman he-400. i would like to know what amps go well with them. for the price range i would say the cheapest amp that pairs well with them. i really only want to spend no more than $200 for an amp.  
the AKG Q701 needs an amp if your not getting an amp don't get them. everything else is correct though and they are really comfortable.
ive read that the he-400 are uncomfortable and the Q701s are really comfortable but that is as much as i know for those headphones.  
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