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It comes with a disk. It says 1 year.
I'm having the UM2 RCs. I've read the warranty. It clearly states 1 year. Surprised? I'm not.
Hope to not interrupt, but doesn't this look really like the Philips Fedilio L1?
I live in Asia. That means getting my hands on IEMs like Westone is a very hard issue. Took me awhile just to look for a store that sells IEMs. I got my Westones sent to USA in March. Just recently I only have the chance to get it back. I agree with you. Westones have better SQ. But durability wise is incredibly flimsy. By the way, I've auditioned to the Sony XBA3. Impressive. That is all I can say.
I don't prefer Westone UM2. They broke on me 4 times. And all I did was drop it on the floor. And I'm 5ft 3! I would recommend the Shure SE425. I would take that anyday. And I find the Shure SE425 are better in terms of SQ. Brighter and clearer although on the light bass region, a EQ setting is all it takes.
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