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This might help    
Diablo 3
Anyone know if v-moda sell the folding bracket thing by itself? Mine stop clicking for some reason.
The V-Moda are only good if you're a basshead who listen to mostly hip-hop or edm. Look for a V-Moda M80 instead, they are pretty cheap now. Amazon has some used for about $53   The creative aurvana live should also be on your short list
Thanks for confirming. I was too lazy to look them up.
Brand new V-Moda M100 (matte black only) for $199.99 shipped   It's a third party seller, so warranty might be an issue if they're not They're an authorized seller!   Also, there's still some used M100 available for $145 from Amazon Warehouse Deals.
There's a used Audio Technica PRO700 MK2 for about $41 shipped It's a 3rd party seller. Don't know if it's a price mistake or what.
 This just drop to $140.88 for Good and $145.58 for Very Good
There's a bunch of used (Good & Very Good Condition) V-Moda M100 on Amazon Starting 158.88 to 164.18 shipped.  (Click the used tab)   According to camelcamelcamel it has never been lower
Shhhh... Have some  and enjoy the show.
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