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I had them last year and quickly returned them when I got the Q40. The overall sound quality was not worth the asking price.
Looking to trade my XS. Mint condition with original packaging and stuff. They're nice but I prefer my Phiaton MS 500 as my portable on-ear. I'm open to dap, ipods, amps, headphones, etc. I can add $ if needed. I don't mind revisiting some stuff I use to own.  I'll post some pictures later but I'm sure everyone knows what they look like
 I'm still enjoying mine. I'm thinking about picking up another set because I miss the stock sound signature. PROMO CODE: MOE169
The promo code brings the Amperior down to $119.97
 That's only for the on ear model. The over ear model is $255. A few dollars more and you can get them brand new (instead of refurbished)on Amazon. Sorry, I didn't see the promo code
I'm selling my Sony PHA-1. I rarely used it since I got my clas. Comes with everything and it's in great condition.    I'll try to post some pictures later.   Shipping is included in the price. 
Amazon's deal of the day. V-Moda M80 for $89.99 shipped.
Audio Technica ATH-AX5 
This is my new budget rig, but the LOD puts it in the mid-fi category. 
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