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If the sound is the same as the regular K181, then I doubt you audiophile type are going to like it. The sound signature is similar to the pro700 mk2. Bass was a little bloated and mids was lacking. When I had it I couldn't wait to get rid of it. It's good for bass heavy genre like hip-hop and headphone noobs will like it, but I don't see it being a permanent resident in most people's headphone roster. For around $80 you're better off buying a used urbanite or a UE6000...
There's a few used (very good) white V-Moda XS for $88.84 shipped Click the used tab for more option
The JVC S500 will easily beat any of those headphones.
 You mean the credit card theft issues?I don't shop there for that reason and recommend everyone who cares about their credit to not shop there too. But there's some people who don't mind the risk. Good luck to them
This might help    
Diablo 3
Anyone know if v-moda sell the folding bracket thing by itself? Mine stop clicking for some reason.
The V-Moda are only good if you're a basshead who listen to mostly hip-hop or edm. Look for a V-Moda M80 instead, they are pretty cheap now. Amazon has some used for about $53   The creative aurvana live should also be on your short list
Thanks for confirming. I was too lazy to look them up.
Brand new V-Moda M100 (matte black only) for $199.99 shipped   It's a third party seller, so warranty might be an issue if they're not They're an authorized seller!   Also, there's still some used M100 available for $145 from Amazon Warehouse Deals.
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