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This might help.  
The Topping NX1 is only about $45 and is getting some good reviews.
 The interface is similar to my old A846 so it's nothing new to me. I love my Walkmans so I hope to get my hand on the A17 soon.
 Lol, Justin Bieber and the Kardashian can make the same claim.... FYI, I still own my beats and I still like them.
 Agreed. Beats is a fad and Sennheiser wants to cash in on that fad, but imo it cheapened the brand.There's a reason why beats is a joke, but I guess it's a joke Sennheiser want in on.
 That some pertty headphones.
Funny looking headphones. From The Wall Street journal.
The S500 has more bass, the S400 is a little more neutral.   I've never heard the HD201 but you should look into the Koss Portapro.
Meh,  it don't mean much if he approves of the new beats. Tyll also liked the Skullcandy Aviator and Mixmaster but I don't see audiophiles running out and buying Skullcandy or even changing their minds about them. Yes, I've owned beats and I still do, but I'm not going to delude myself and put them on the same level as real headphones, yes the new beats are an improvement, they are finally on par with entry level audiophile headphones but if you're coming from the bottom...
Meh, not much of a deal. It's the on ear version.
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