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The Mixamp needs a surround signal and I don't think it is getting one from your mobo when playing games.
The Asus Xonar U3 is a USB device that produces good results.
Like the OP I have difficulty finding comfortable headphones (haven't found any yet). I went through the first post and looked for cans with a comfort score of 8 or higher and a competitive score of 8 or higher.   First was the AKG K701/K702/Q701. The comment is that these are comfort-wise, quite polarizing.   Next and last is the Denon D7000, which is out of my price range.   I know comfort is a very subjective thing, but this doesn't look encouraging. I...
I tried it briefly last week. I found the calibration process frustrating. Even they say people have difficulty with it.
Even when gaming?   Go for the Smyth Realiser if you want the best.
I've never found cans that don't become uncomfortable after a few minutes. Can you get decent surround sound with IEMs?
No, the headphone surround isn't in the game. You need a separate DSP to get headphone surround.
I'm wondering what percentage of games have proper 3DPA sources. I googled '3dpa games' and didn't come up with anything.
I find that I can't switch between sound cards while I'm in a game. I have to exit the game to switch.
I like MMO environments but not typical MMO combat like GW1 and WoW. GW2 combat is supposed to be different but how different is it? Is it like TERA Online?  
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