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I have had my EF2A for about 2 weeks now and I have started to notice a problem. Every once in a while (2-6 hours) a very loud static noise starts and all other sound goes out. I have tested my headphones and they seem to be fine. I have left the EF2A on for 3 days straight once and I'm wondering of that's the problem. I have heard I may have bad tubes in it or that my unit may be broken altogether. I have tried other usb ports and even other computers and it keeps...
Honestly the M50's sound fine without an amp. I use a Fiio E7 with mine and there is not much of an improvement and most of the improvement from it is from the dac and not the amp itself, however if you want an amp that will improve the sound a lot I recommend looking at the hifiman ef2a. It is $170 though so I would just save up for them.
The Ultrasone Hfi-580's and the ATH-M50's are pretty good headphones for what you are looking for. I would recommend the 580's more though because they are cheaper and in my opinion a bit better with the mids.
I can kind of understand you. They seem a little weak in the mids if you don't amp them.
+1 for HE400's. Very good headphones.
Well I have an E7 but if money is no issue E17 all the way. I have also heard that the digizoid zo2 is an amazing amp, but I can not say for sure as I have never heard it.
For $70 I would get a pair of koss dj100 pros. Very comfy and stylish and some of the best sound you will get out of headphones under $100.
I have a pair of ATH M50's and I love them. Very good quality with not too much of anything. It all seems just right.
Well I just received my EF2A in the mail today after a few recommendations from friends. The sound is amazing even though I have only had for about 12 hours now. One problem that I have noticed is a faint static sound in the background. If you turn the volume up to anywhere after the 7th notch it gets a bit louder. Playing music over it or anything seems to cancel it out but its still a bit there. This is my first tube amp and I'm not sure if the tubes just require some...
I've heard the EF2A's are pretty good. They're an amp and dac combo. You can find them there for $170. I'm planning on buying them in about a month.
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