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It may be cliche but Beats are awful.
Non "I" Grado SR80 is one of my favs. Just rocked out to them last night. Diff strokes.
Don't abuse the policy and never press your luck.
Thanks for the heads up.
I've had the Sig Pros since September and have found that the headband can conform easily to one's head with a little adjustment and the seal is key.  Even with the clamp necessary to get a good seal they are still very comfortable.  I have generally disliked clamping headphones but these cause me no discomfort.  Get a good seal and they really come alive and are versatile to genre and source.  Very neutral.  Get the seal wrong and the treble will stab your eardrums and...
Agreed. Though not necessary the 598 does benefit from added amplification provided by a dac/amp.
Yup. Probably the least offensive phone out there. Bass can boom a bit but not too bad. A vert smooth listen.
I have both and love both. They compliment each other very well. If I had to choose I would take the 598 because it has such great soundstage and is still versatile genre wise.
dan_can, you asked earlier about the warranty.  I couldn't find anything online either so I went to and went to the contact tab and inquired there.  They sent a registration form to be sent back to them.   
I prefer the Sony's. The clamp on the Senns is not bearable for me.
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