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^^^ This.
The winner gets a pair of freshly chopped ears! Just picked up a pair of Senn HD280. Nor rhe best bit damn fine.
Great for metal. A but claustrophobic but metal is mixed tight for the most part l. I prefer the pleather pads to the velour.
I just picked up Senn HD280 $100. Damn good. Technicalities be damned they offer a great listening experience.
Beats suck.
Sony MDR V6 are good and can be had for a couple bucks over your budget.
When I plug lower impedance headphones into my Pioneer receiver I get the same over power feeling. Unless you are cranking the volume everything will be fine.
It's where the big boys play.
iPod Classics sound good from Line out.
Pad mods are as far as I will go with Grados.
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