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Metal is a tough genre for headphones, speaking as a metalhead. There's the Grados of course pick your price point. With metal since honestly much of it is compressed and poorly mastered you're better off with something lower end. Grado SR80 is very good for metal and rock. Like mine a lot. I have not heard the SR325 but folks say they work well for metal...and they are made of metal! \m/
Yes gives new meaning to burning in har har.
I thought I liked them until I listened to Panasonic HTF600 with Senn HD485 pads. I am in love with a sub $30 headphone now. I think I just tried too hard to like the HD598. Headphones like preferences are fickle.
+1 CAL!
Beyer DT770 Pro Limited Edtion is $50 less and is a wonderful phone from comfy fit to a rich versatile sound. Highs are very detailed and clear, mids are present but not forward or recessed. Bass is similar to M50 but not boomy. Have not heard the 550 but the two are often compared.
Ha funny, my cat just ate my CAL! cable so we are in the same boat and I am interested in any responses too. As for CAL! vs MDR-V6 I have both and like both for their different strengths but for casual office listening the CAL! are king. The Sonys I found to be too sonically forward for the work environment but that's only my take. CAL! is more comfortable for long at desk sessions as well.
These are incredible headphones.
In some ways this is the anti-Head-fi thread! Awesome! Muddy makes my head hurt though...
Yes get the CAL!. Great especially for that price. Fantastic even. Just received mine Saturday from Amazon and paid $75. Grrr!
Just picked up the CAL! myself. Highly recommended.
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