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I was debating getting these very two headphones a couple weeks ago and went with the RS1i and have been very pleased. They are in no way too bright and I find them very comfortable since coming from my SR80 w bowls. The power requirements and sheer size and weight steered me away from the HE500. I mainly use portable sources and amps.
Beats ur turrible! They really are...
AD700 bass light indeed. Isolation nil. However they've always held a special place in my heart as its sound staging mezmerizes me. Unfotunately my last pair broke due to my own carelessness and I have not gotten around to picking another pair up. Not the cans for your needs I'm sorry to say.
There are many arguments regarding break or burn in. Many feel it has merely a placebo effect others swear by it. The pro argument is the drivers are physically moving parts and get loosened up from x hours of play. You will either like the headphones out of the box or you won't, burn in wont change the sound signature. I happen to feel some can be a little stiff sounding out of the box and I let them burn in for a couple nights with music that runs the frequency...
The Senn HD280 is comfortable, accurate, and has huge ear cups. Incrdible isolation and can be had for a cool hundo.
Do a search of dubstep on headfi and you will get every recommendation imaginable.
Very good to have open phones to compliment the your closed.
I find my K240s match very well with the E17. Funny I haven't played my 598s with the Fiio. Might have to try that combo and let you know.
^^^ This.
The winner gets a pair of freshly chopped ears! Just picked up a pair of Senn HD280. Nor rhe best bit damn fine.
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