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My brain could not adjust to the HE400. No amount of burn in would change that.
The Beyer DT235 is excellent and inexpensive. My current fav portable. I did have to mold the plastic headband to my big head by dunking it in a pot of boiling water but now they are beyond comfy. Not as drastic as it sounds.
ZO2 is a fantastic portable audio coloring device. I love mine with my Sansa Clip+. I don't need to watch a 17 minute review to know someone isn't using it right if he's having clipping issues. But this isn't what you want. E10 is going to be perfect for your needs. Great DAC with amping. Use your music program's EQ for bass.
Thanks for review. might have to give these a listen sometime.
More irons up for the Panasonic HTF600. These have been getting more play time than anything else in my collection. Great for music and gaming. They leak a lot of sound so in home use is best. Less than $30 too so you can get a good burger to go along with it for your birthday.
The CAL is one of the best bang for buck out there for under $100. I bring mine to and from work every day. They don't fold but they're not huge and are quite light. Very comfortable. Bass is satisfying and they sound good with any genre. I don't care for the Koss phones and the Shures are great but a bit bulky. I have had all three and I still have the CALs.
Fiio E10 would fit the bill as an amp/dac but then again you could run the COP out of your Mac directly and be fine.
+1 SRH840
Oh also I enjoy metal on my Shure SRH840 and AKG K240. Neutrality can be good for it.
Metal is a tough genre for headphones, speaking as a metalhead. There's the Grados of course pick your price point. With metal since honestly much of it is compressed and poorly mastered you're better off with something lower end. Grado SR80 is very good for metal and rock. Like mine a lot. I have not heard the SR325 but folks say they work well for metal...and they are made of metal! \m/
New Posts  All Forums: