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The last time I tried headphones at a Best Buy they sounded like they were hooked up to turds. Hopefully they've improved the setup. That was a year or so ago.
I love the RS1 but find the cord very heavy. I will clip it to my shirt to relieve this.
I enjoy the Beyer Custom One Pros very much for similar criteria you are listing.
There's a cmoy tin version of the Grado RA1 for less than $50 and it sounds killer with the RS1. Check Etsy.
The fact that you can manipulate eq in subtle ways on the Rockboxed Classic will open up music for you big time. The original iPod eq presets absolutely suck! I get angry just thinking about them lol. Actual file quality does not change however on the Rockboxed Classic. I don't believe the iPod hardware can manipulate 24 bit flac regardless of the firmware. I'm not familiar with the headphones but if they are not power hungry the Fiio won't do much to improve sound per...
Beyer Custom One Pros have been very good to me for some time. Just got the Soundmagic HP100 and am really digging them. Bass is impressive on both. ATH M50s are decent but lack an engaging sound after the initial thrill wears off.
I tried a very thin 3.5 cable that was able to go into the phone and had the same result so it is definitely an issue with the phone input and not the supplied cable.
They are very similar headphones. I find the COP to be more engaging. It was the mids that turned me off of the M50 and really took me out of the music whereas I have no issue wit the COP mids. Not sure about the volume issue. A huge COP selling point for me is comfort. I never cared much for the feel of the M50 on my head. While burn in loosens the sound up a bit the signature does not change. It really comes down to different strokes.
Bummer! Got my HP100 but either the cable or phone is defective. Attaching the cable in locked and unlocked positions the sound would cut in and out at different strengths on L or R before finally outputting no sound at all. Going back to Micca/Amazon for a new pair. I have not read anything else on this issue from others.
I have HP100s coming tomorrow and will (try to remember to) post some thoughts.
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