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Bummer! Got my HP100 but either the cable or phone is defective. Attaching the cable in locked and unlocked positions the sound would cut in and out at different strengths on L or R before finally outputting no sound at all. Going back to Micca/Amazon for a new pair. I have not read anything else on this issue from others.
I have HP100s coming tomorrow and will (try to remember to) post some thoughts.
I have had mine for about 6 months and use them all the time. They have become one of my favorites even earning favor over my beloved Shure 840. The bass adjuster is top notch and they work well with every source and genre I throw at them. Can't beat them at that price point either.
+1 Beyer Custom One Pro
I bought some at the dollar store that were AWFUL :-)
Senn HD202 are a good starter too.
My brain could not adjust to the HE400. No amount of burn in would change that.
The Beyer DT235 is excellent and inexpensive. My current fav portable. I did have to mold the plastic headband to my big head by dunking it in a pot of boiling water but now they are beyond comfy. Not as drastic as it sounds.
ZO2 is a fantastic portable audio coloring device. I love mine with my Sansa Clip+. I don't need to watch a 17 minute review to know someone isn't using it right if he's having clipping issues. But this isn't what you want. E10 is going to be perfect for your needs. Great DAC with amping. Use your music program's EQ for bass.
Thanks for review. might have to give these a listen sometime.
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