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In some ways this is the anti-Head-fi thread! Awesome! Muddy makes my head hurt though...
Yes get the CAL!. Great especially for that price. Fantastic even. Just received mine Saturday from Amazon and paid $75. Grrr!
Just picked up the CAL! myself. Highly recommended.
Grado doesn't release uprades and new models like other headphone companies do, as in all the time. You would be safe to purchase now.
Is there an emoticon for Charlie Brown going Ahhhhhhhrrrgggghh :-) +1 Shure
One more vote for E10.
You said sound quality is not important and the Bose meet your criteria. Get the Bose. They're comfortable and inoffensive. Head-fi has a general focus on sound quality and traits so I'm not sure how much help these forums will be to you.
Sometimes. Fiio E17 and Rockbox and other apps fix that by changing the balance.
Can't go wrong with the Grados.
When taken out of context all this Maddog Schitt stack talk is really funny!
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