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You're suggesting he go from $200 to $1,800 headphones? That's quite the leap. Koukol, the K550 will be perfect for your needs. Its been great with all music and equipment I've thrown at it.
If you don't mind spending a few bucks more the Creative Arvana Live! might be just the ticket for your situation and needs. Those are what I use at work.
I have both and always listen to the K550. The HD598 is very dry sounding. I'm liking it less and less. K550 has less power need as well and sounds great out of an iPod.
They like juice. I use an objective DAC and E09K. Very happy with the setup.
Headphone boner here.
That's my experience. My crappy little net book sounds exactly the same as my pc through the same dac/amp, in this case Fiio E10. Sound card to amp would most likely sound different depending on the quality of the sound card. I've only had on board sound cards so my frame of reference is limited.
The prices on the COPs seem to be everywhere. That's a good price for new. They're really versatile and engaging phones.
Have you plugged it into another source and listened?
The last time I tried headphones at a Best Buy they sounded like they were hooked up to turds. Hopefully they've improved the setup. That was a year or so ago.
I love the RS1 but find the cord very heavy. I will clip it to my shirt to relieve this.
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