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Oops. Under $200. The COPs are 50 bucks more but you could probably find a match around $200.
Of the ones on their list under $300 I would recommend the Shure SRH840 or the Beyer Custom One Pro. I have and enjoy both. The COPs really don't share a similar signature as the DT770. The bass adjuster is fun to play with too. I'm not going to sit here and do the old Headfi sound sig description because those can get lame. Both COP and 840 play almost anything very well and work out of any device.
If you like the 440s and the Shure sound, you will not be disappointed with the 840s. They are one of the most versatile headphones I've ever had the pleasure of owning. A clear upgrade to the 440 and as you know the 440 is no slouch.
The production shifted from Austria to China. Most likely not a fake. If you don't feel you need an amp that's great. If one day you decide to get one you'll be in luck because they like power and respond well to it. I had one recently but upgraded to a k712.
I play Beck's The Information for a bit to break in new drivers. My wife used to like Beck but now she can't stand him because of it.
For $100 I really dig the Shure SRH440. They do everything well and are tops in that price range. Solid and look darn professional too.
There must be some running gag out there that the fake ones are actually better than the real ones. Ha! But yeah, not recommended to buy from those sites. As much crap as they get around here, Beats are very much a premium headphone and you will pay top dollar for the real ones.
I liked mine a lot when I had them. Great for metal \m/ I've since moved up to the RS1. This damn hobby!
Also look at the AKG K545 or Senn Amperior.
Do you have a doctors slip or is this self-diagnosis? Not to be a jerk (well kinda) but try google buddy.
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