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You could try a different pad but whatever modifications you make will sacrifice qualities that make the M40x one of the best values in headphones. You are looking for something open backed if you want airy with a wider soundstage.
The 1540s are not difficult to drive. That will be fine.
The 1540s are a worthy upgrade. A truly unique headphone. They like a good source and amping though so be careful.
I just received my C5 today and began charging it.  1 yellow LED began blinking and after about an hour all three started lighting up yellow.  I let it go for about 2 hours and the same thing continued.  I unplugged it and plugged it back in to the USB and 1 yellow LED was blinking again.  I unplugged the USB and turned it on and no LED lit up.  I plugged an Ipod and headphones into it and tried again and no LED and no sound coming from it.  It did make a click when I...
Slap the SRH840 pads on the 440s. Improves comfort and also sound due to the damping in the pads. You're not going to find a better pair of headphones at that price point.
Make sure the selector switch in the E09 is set to Dock In and make sure the appropriate setting is on the E07 for docking.
Welcome to Head-fi! I would recommend researching the sites forums for more info than I can provide. There is a wealth of it on here. Basically with the Q701 and it's cousins K701/702 they have the capacity to blossom sound wise with more power supplied than a typical headphone jack on an iPod or computer can provide. The headphones you have are capable of much more than you are now hearing.
Oh and the Sony 7506 are very good and there are somewhat more refined in their price range such as the Shure 440s and Senn HD280. The 7506 are definitely more portable though and have a nice comfort level all their own.
Very comfy but they do not have the velour pads. I prefer pleather-leather personally though. You could always swap the pads but this may change the sound somewhat. I have not tried this myself.
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