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Shure SRH 840 have always been my metal go to phones.
Lots of love here for the SRH 1540. The better your system,the better they scale.
The Panasonic RP HTF600 is a great bang for buck at under $30. I gave mine to a friend and do miss them.
Been meaning to pick a pair up. Have been well regarded for years.
You need to elaborate a bit further...
It sure is cold in here. Someone must have turned the air conditioning up to full blast!
I'll take a poorly recorded really great song over an excellently recorded crappy song any day. Garbage in, garbage out is what you make of it.
They are versatile in that they sound great with both the stock pads and also the comfy fuzzy ones. They amp well, too. I use them at work with the Fiio E17/E09K combo.
Yes, normal. Air needs to move around in the chamber and when it gets pushed out of such a tight seal the driver isn't as free to move until air gets sucked back in. Not very scientific explanation but your headphones are just fine.
I use an umbrella.
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