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AD700 is a damn fine headphone.
They sound like a $75 headphone out of the box. Thw modding aspect improves them exponentially. Worth the time and effort to do so.
I found the perfect "stew" of mods for mine.  Shhh.  It's a secret...
Beats blow no matter how you slice it.
Burn in seems to just "bring it all together" for me.  Doesn't change the sound per se.  Just blends all the parts of the stew.  Headphones can sound a bit stiff out of the box.  These are flexible membrane drivers after all.  Need a little running in.  
Something about Grado warms my heart (or my ears)!  I love my SR80s.  Pre "i".  No camera handy but thought I would chime in anyway. 
Good old Grado.  I do adore my SR80's.  NOT the ones with the "i"!
Shure SRH840 serviced me nicely in early times of "discovery".  They are my reference for all intents and purposes.  I just play Van Halen's "Push Comes To Shove" and all becomes clear and they are the yardstick. 
AKG K512 MKII.  A little bright but can be EQd.  Very fun.  Unlike any under $100 headphone I've listened to.  I use them for work primarily but they surprise me when I'm a bit more analytical.   
Metalhead here. +1 SRH840. Original Grado SR80. Senn HD485. I like AKG K240 Studio as well but those love juice so I use a Fiio E17 with it and my ipod classic. Metal is a tough genre for headphone love that's for sure.
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