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Not really an upgrade more of a lateral although they are completely different beasts. The Hd598 would be an upgrade. Fotex T50rp would be a fine copliment to the HD555 depending on your taste and mood.
Beats suck at any price. Numark Redwave are under a hundred and meet your criteria. Pretty readily available. You may even catch a few style looks.
I don't like metal out of the M50. I do like it out of the K240 however and the Fiio is a good pairing. I use Shure 840 pads and they can be had for $15.
Having had all at one point or another, K240 is my go to with srh840 pads. It loves juice however and responds well to it. Most comfy of the lot. NEUTRAL as neutral can be.
HD598 + E17 + Beatles = Bliss
Senn HD202. Sleek looking, sound great with anything, no amp needed, best of all under $30. If you have a big head it can be a bit tight but the band is plastic so with some boiling water you can fit as desired. Be sure to remove the earpieces though!
A smattering of bassitone around the outter edge of the driver and a coating of trebulizer inside the padding walls should do the trick!
The Fiio E17 is a great all in one. Lots of info out there on it. I have a 598 I use it with. It even has adjustable bass and treble which sets it apart from other options.
There's a world of difference once that rubber headband is taken out. Just a great headphone.
Bought a pair of these about two weeks ago and I am really blown away by how good they are, especially for the price.  Aside from some brightness and upper treble, which can be EQd, they are pretty neutral.  Bass is realistic but unobtrusive.  Great mids which is the key.  I picked up a pair of Audio Technica WS55 a couple months ago and those sound downright muddy in comparison to the K512MK2.  These leak a bit of sound but not much when they are on your head and do...
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