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As a fellow metal head the problem with metal is recording and engineering. Much of it is poorly recorded and high end headphones tend to be too revealing for it. I like my Grado SR80 with metal.
The HD598 is an improvement over the 595. Really great all around open headphones. Worth the price. I find the pads more comfy than 595 and the soundstaging more natural. Have not heard 558.
Not sure this is the best course of action...try some speakers and a sub woofer...FEEL the music.
AKG K240 with SHR840 pads. They float. Less than $100. ATH-AD700 too. Same deal. No devaluation causing stretching.
Sony MDR-V6 :-) Red velvety luxuriousness.
Very nice amp but would not do the HD650 justice. Not many portables would. It needs much more juice to get it to it's potential. HD598 would be more in line with PA2V2.
I second the Ultrasone pro 750 recommendation. Portable, sound you're looking for, and great out of an ipod or iphone.
If you can get the M50 go for it. Not my cup of tea but they do more right than wrong. Versatile and generally pleasing.
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