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Something about Grado warms my heart (or my ears)!  I love my SR80s.  Pre "i".  No camera handy but thought I would chime in anyway. 
Good old Grado.  I do adore my SR80's.  NOT the ones with the "i"!
Shure SRH840 serviced me nicely in early times of "discovery".  They are my reference for all intents and purposes.  I just play Van Halen's "Push Comes To Shove" and all becomes clear and they are the yardstick. 
AKG K512 MKII.  A little bright but can be EQd.  Very fun.  Unlike any under $100 headphone I've listened to.  I use them for work primarily but they surprise me when I'm a bit more analytical.   
Metalhead here. +1 SRH840. Original Grado SR80. Senn HD485. I like AKG K240 Studio as well but those love juice so I use a Fiio E17 with it and my ipod classic. Metal is a tough genre for headphone love that's for sure.
That's the caveat of high end headphones. To get the most out of them you need more power and a great source otherwise they will disappoint in most cases. I've been there myself a few times. A good lower mid phone could do wonders with your setup. HD598 os very good.
Great comparison. Thank you. I used to own the 238s but I did not like them at all. Way too laid back for me. I would take the PX100 over them any day. I have been considering the Panasonics for work but leakage could be a problem.
I most certainly will!
I keep hearing a lot of good things about the CALs...
Shure SRH840 or 440 are damn nice too if you like Shure. 440 being more mobile. Sony MDRV6 are an old stanby. I love my Grado SR80 (not i ) Very lively. The M50 are overhyped but do bass well.
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