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I most certainly will!
I keep hearing a lot of good things about the CALs...
Shure SRH840 or 440 are damn nice too if you like Shure. 440 being more mobile. Sony MDRV6 are an old stanby. I love my Grado SR80 (not i ) Very lively. The M50 are overhyped but do bass well.
I really like the ATH ESW9 at this price point. Very smooth and they love every genre I have thrown at them including classical. No amp needed.
I enjoy my HD598 very much. Great all arounder. They leak a lot even behind a door. A small amp like Fiio E11 would benefit them.
Anniversary edition = cash grab
I have had them twice and sold them twice. There's a not so engaging distance to them that kept me from truly enjoying them after a time. Oh and they have a fun bass. Polarizing phones they are. I will take the steady as she goes Shure SRH840 any day.
Great topic!  Taking a pic of myself under influences probably would not be very flattering haha.  But yeah, I like to get "influenced" to varying degrees, sit on my deck, strap on a rig...and well...ROCK OUT!  The neighbors and my wife don't always appreciate it at 3am when I'm belting out "Stairway" 
I've had the HD598 for a while now and think they're great.  Great soundstage.  Warm, but not too warm.  Respond well to EQ.  I don't have much IEM experience because they just don't want to fit in my right ear properly ha.  HD598, like any headphone over 50 ohms, do benefit from amping.    The Fostex Mad Dogs were recommended and even though I don't have experience with those, I've modded my Fostex T50RP with only the most basic mods (page 346 of the Fostex Mod thread...
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