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I agree about the HFI 780. My friend has them and they will work for your needs. They are not expensive, sound great unamped, comfortable, but beware...they will give you the itch to move up lol.
The HD25 have been popular for many years because they are that good, especially for rock and pop. Very forward. Soundstage is quite lacking though. They compliment modern compressed recordings. Bass is pure.
I vote Shure SRH840 but I'm biased because I own and love them. Have never disappointed me no matter the genre. I highly recommend them. I have not heard the Beyers.
Shure SRH840.
I love my ESW9. I recommended them highly.
Vmoda would be good. I have the ATH ESW9 which I like to recommend. I find them smooth and versatile. Some may disagree on versatile. M50 not very portable. There's always good ol Senn HD25 variations. Beyer DT1350 as well.
You could try switching out the ear pads. The Shure SRH840 pads are pretty versatile and may help. Comfy to boot and inexpensive.
A bit vague...
Senn HD202 is good and versatile as well. Fun sounding.
Solid as a rock the 840s. Have never disappointed me. Best in its class.
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