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Vmoda would be good. I have the ATH ESW9 which I like to recommend. I find them smooth and versatile. Some may disagree on versatile. M50 not very portable. There's always good ol Senn HD25 variations. Beyer DT1350 as well.
You could try switching out the ear pads. The Shure SRH840 pads are pretty versatile and may help. Comfy to boot and inexpensive.
A bit vague...
Senn HD202 is good and versatile as well. Fun sounding.
Solid as a rock the 840s. Have never disappointed me. Best in its class.
AD700 is a damn fine headphone.
They sound like a $75 headphone out of the box. Thw modding aspect improves them exponentially. Worth the time and effort to do so.
I found the perfect "stew" of mods for mine.  Shhh.  It's a secret...
Beats blow no matter how you slice it.
Burn in seems to just "bring it all together" for me.  Doesn't change the sound per se.  Just blends all the parts of the stew.  Headphones can sound a bit stiff out of the box.  These are flexible membrane drivers after all.  Need a little running in.  
New Posts  All Forums: