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+1 SRH 840. A bit top heavy but not much worse than M50. More comfortable ear pads. Much more balanced sound. Less bass but tighter and more engaging and controlled all around.
I believe you can listen to L1 at the Apple store.
I really enjoy AKG K240 with the E17. Very neutral phones. Shure SRH 840 as well.
The HD 598 are very good. Modded Fostex T50rp are great too and can be done on the cheap.
The M50 offer up an inital wow and fun factor but at least for me the honeymoon ended after a short time. I've owned them twice and sold them twice. The shortcomings become clear, mainly that they fail to truly engage the listener. Great bass is their best offering.
I don't think it's necessary. Fiio E17 has a very good amp already.
I have that set up too and it's great. I mainly use AKG K240 with ipod+Fiio e17. Read up on headphones here based on music preference.
As a fellow metal head the problem with metal is recording and engineering. Much of it is poorly recorded and high end headphones tend to be too revealing for it. I like my Grado SR80 with metal.
The HD598 is an improvement over the 595. Really great all around open headphones. Worth the price. I find the pads more comfy than 595 and the soundstaging more natural. Have not heard 558.
Not sure this is the best course of action...try some speakers and a sub woofer...FEEL the music.
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