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Eat your cake and have it too ya dummy. You got it made.
Beyer 770 look the same and rule the school.
Sweet, I had a Magnavox Odyssey 2 as a kid.
If you don't much care for them now, you likely won't after 100 hours of playing pink noise in your sock drawer. The sound signature will not change. I do believe in burn in since the drivers are physically moving and pumping sound through them tends to "stretch the muscles" so to speak. For now play some of your favorite music and gauge your enjoyment. If you sense potential for the long haul, by all means stick them in the sock drawer; if the drivers are...
Interesting you mention headphones to sound different in darkness and in light. This is very true for me as well.
Cool find. Nice condition. Let us know how they sound.
No wire headphones! Ever! 😜😜😜
These have me very intrigued.
The Midik 6.500000 will most likely suit your fine tastes.
Um, HD800. 😀
New Posts  All Forums: