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I've had enough practical jokes for one evening. Goodnight future boy!
The sound signature will not change. If you don't like them now you won't later. If you do like them, and a lot of people do, enjoy your purchase. They are one of the bang for buck champs.
You will have all 3 in your possession in less than a week. Only you will be able to decide which to keep.
Interesting. Slightly boosting the classic 840 mids. They have been my go to pair of phones for many years now. Especially for metal \m/. I have not heard the 940's but they are known for their detail in the upper frequencies.
Can only speak for the SRH440. Damn fine bang for buck headphone. Neutral and is good with anything: music or source. Soundstage is meh but in terms of musicality they pull their weight. I use mine at work with a Fiio E17. Oh and springing for the SRH840 ear pads is a must. Both for comfort and sound.
Wow, this is great. Thank you.
Just a hunch, you're not going to get much Bose modding action 'round these parts. You could try one of those nice silver coated copper upgrade cables on EBay.
As high end closed backs go, the Beyer DT1770 has been impressing the heck out of me. Using the Grace M9xx. Hitting a sweet spot. 😍
I've gotten a lot of mileage on my COP and I enjoy it very much. Not sure what the plus part is. I would take that deal though. You could almost get another M50 to boot.
I've used good old WD40 on a couple Audio Technicas. Did the trick.
New Posts  All Forums: