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I think the Panasonic RT-HTF600 or the Sony MDR XB500 should be good.   Also I would take Superlux seriously...Superlux 668B / 661B / HD661 etc...   Cheerz!
Try to get CAL...    Cheerz!
The video looks cool, but doesn't really seem seemed as if the 'professionals' have heard better.  Maybe for the price range of about $299, there are better cans out there...I am considering these MDR-R1 with   Sennheiser Momentum   Sennheiser Amperior   V-Moda M100   Phillips Fidelio L1   Lets see what happens...waiting for a head-fi review of these cans...   IMHO, Sony should probably get some head-fiers and Tyll review their...
I played this file via speakers   22 kHz >> 12 kHz + Voice Over   And a mosquito just fell and died right in front of my monitor...   It was truly a WTH moment !
I would go for P5 ... but thats just me...   Cheerz!
Shures 840/940s are good...but you might not get the lows that are needed for your taste in music. But thats just my opinion :)   I guess the DJ version of the Shures would suffice...but i have not much experience with them. Will leave for someone else to comment.   Cheerz!
M50 - bassy but value for money   Phillips Uptown / Downtowns   Shure 840   Brainwavz HM5 or their Jaycars, Lindy clones   Cheerz!
M50s are great for the price...   Others:   DT770   M-Audio Q40   V-MODA M80     Cheerz!
+1 Hifiman HE-400   D5000 ?   Cheerz!
+1 D2000   Also to consider:   Ultrasone 750 Pro / 900 Pro / HFI 580 / HFI 780 - just check comfort on some models...   VMODA M100 ( can Pre order now )   Cheerz!
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