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Ok sweet, thanks for the help!   Purchasing a pair of those JBL's, your input is greatly appreciated :D
Would I need to buy 2 of these JBL LSR305? Or would 1 suffice to provide the same quality as a standard pair of speakers? Behringer B3031A M-Audio BX5-D2     Both are within my price budget, but being a nooby at this sort of stuff, which puts out overall better quality sound?
I need help deciding between Grado GR8s and Heir 3.Ais   I understand the apparently Grados have even nice sounding mids and highs, but their bass leaves something to be desired?   How does Grados compare to Heirs?   I mostly listen to rap, hiphop, dubstep, and rock. Classical is a secondary, but the rest are my primary genres.   someeone help me:(
Well okay....     ...should I get Grado GR8 or Heir 3.Ai
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3.Ai Heirs vs Grado GR8s?   Price is about the same   What about quality wise? Someone help me out here :S
So I suppose the question is Grado Vs Heir   GR8 is more even overall, but heir is better to drive amirite?   Are they about the same quality, just different to different tastes?   What kind of taste is the GR8 vs the 3.Ai
Thanks for the advice, yeah definitely I'll have to go out and try them before the purchase   I might also pick up some TDK MT300s on the way :o
^ that's my post. I am bumping with further specifics. Because of new rule.   Budget: $300Closed or open back: Closed preferably, but either would workI have read the section below which describes the differences between open and closed back: ya Portable or non portable: Portable - I'm looking for not the big headphones but portable you-can-work-out-in kinda stuffSound preference: Nice audible bass and trebble that you can shake your head to, clear warm mids (emphasis on...
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