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Is the TA2020+ good enough to give good audio at medium levels on Diamond 9.1s?  Any other amps you would recommend?  Also I have an Xonar DG.
What's the best way to do this?  I've seen some of the 3.5mm to bluetooth adapters but is there a loss in quality?  I don't want to spend a lot of money on something but I need something which will work well with samson SR850s (32 ohm).
I fixed it.  Turn the sound slider down then back up on youtube and the audio will be back to normal.  I guess it's a problem where the slider goes to a value higher than it should?
I've noticed that when there's heavy bass youtube, or sometimes a lot of highs the audio tends to become very distorted for me, I thought maybe it was just the videos, but I used youtube-mp3 on the exact same videos and it sounded fine after I played the downloaded file.  Is there a way to fix this?
When I plug in a jack to my pc I get this:     Does this make a difference to the sound?  And is there anyway I can change it without unplugging and replugging the jack as I've got it connected up so I don't have to go to the computer to switch them.
What's the difference?
  Is the surround simulation for gaming the same on both?
It will be mostly for gaming/music/general listening.  I want dolby headphone and I was looking at the asus xonar dg, but what's the difference between the DG and DX?  What do you recommend?
Superlux HD668b or the Samson SR850?  What's the difference?
No one?
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