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As the title suggests I'm looking for a pair of Darth Beyers in good condition. Preferrably V3>V4>V6. Type of wood finish doesn't matter just as long as there aren't any serious blemishes on it.   Shipping within or to Europe. I stand for freight costs.   PM me with the version, condition and your price.
The headset just received a mediocre score on a Swedish PC site. They complained that the frequency response was uneven and with certain emphasis on the mids; that they are comfortable at first wear but get uncomfortable after prolonged periods; bad sampling on mic; and that the volume controller does not shut off the sound completely, as is the case with the external volume controller of the Zxr soundcard.   They did mention that they are quite sturdy and that they...
Comfort-wise I think they're great for gaming, especially in noisy environments (given that they do isolate well or better than the ordinary closed headphones, which is something Steelseries claim they excel at), but I'm dubious to whether the audio will compete with headphones in the same price range like for example DT770, Fidelio X1, and ATH-M50. And I'm also concerned about compatibility when using it with a soundcard--will the sound dial and LED lights still work...
That feel when    
I'm not expecting it to mute the source, some ext volume controllers I've used before had no sound leakage when dial is turned to minimum. It's kind of annoying when you don't want to hear anything at all; makes it more convenient to use an external DAC/Amp.
For sale in pristine condition. Receipt and warranty included.   Very sturdy toslink cable with metal coating - yet still very elastic, even more resilient that ordinary plastic IMO. Excellent for some environments where cables are often treaded on. I've had a bad luck with countless of cheap toslink cables in the past - the metal coating on Lifatec was a good investment, but I won't be using optical anymore therefore I'm getting rid of this since I'm also in need of cash.
But does any of you experience sound when external volume controller is on minimum volume (given that the soundcards/computer level is at 100%).
Reinstalled latest drivers and got a clicking sound on start-up now (or maybe I didnt hear it properly before). Still issues with volume though.
 It doesn't click on start-up. It does click when I switch between speaker and headphones Rollbacking drivers did not working, going to return it tomorrow for a new one
 If that's the case I'll try a roll back in driver first and see if I notice any difference. Last time I checked I didn't hear any clicking noise during start-up.
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