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No thanks. 
Since we are discussing earpads, does anyone know how to change an SR009 earpad? I can't find any instructions.
Sennheiser HD598 for most comfy. Lightweight and very soft pads, minimal clamping force. 
I think a first gen Beyerdynamic T1. Similar, but with smaller soundstage and a brighter sound that tends to emphasize things like cymbals (mostly because of the 10khz peak). 
Mine runes pretty hot too. It's a class A amp, which means it always runs at full power, so it's going to be toasty.   You should be fine. 
Your guess is spot on.       
Basically, any Etymotic IEM. They have a very neutral, detailed sound signature. In your budget you can get an HF5.   However, upgrading to an ER4P/S is also possible if you can get a pair used. I have seen pairs go for ~$150 on here and eBay. 
Going straight A to B may make differences less obvious. Try using the Burson DAC for like a week straight, then go back to the integrated amp. Your ears will get used to the Burson and any differences should be more apparent. 
If you are going to be using the Ocean to drive any IEMs, note that the amp has high output impedance (I think it's like 20ohms) so it will not be a good match with IEMs that usually have around 16ohms impedance.    Ideally, the output impedance of an amp should be at least 8x lower than the impedance of the headphones connected otherwise sound quality will be degraded (the first thing you'll notice is a slow, wooly, one note sounding bass).    Anyway, you might like...
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