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I don't think it gets much better than the Stax SR-009 for people who are looking for the most detail and clarity. In my opinion they are more detailed and transparent than the LCD4, Utopia, and HD800. Also, they are cheaper than the LCD4 and Utopia if you get them used (low to mid $2000s). Despite what people say, you don't need an uber expensive amp for them. I'm driving mine with a $350 SRM-323s and they sound great.
I think this pic from the manual should help. The mdr1a is 50ohms impedance while the k550s are 32ohm. The little dot amp is an OTL design, so it delivers more power at higher impedances. That's why the k550 sounds a little weak.
I agree with you, it looks like it's a shure mmcx cable. I would ask the seller for up close pics of the side opposite of the 3.5mm jack to confirm.
Schiit Magni 2 uber for sale. Get it for the price of a regular Magni! Some minor hairline scratches which you can see in some of the pics but otherwise in good condition. I only have my electrostats now so no use for this amp.   $99 + Paypal fee + shipping (pm me with your zip code for a detailed quote).
Red, and thanks for the giveaway! 
Like new pair of Focal Utopias, with box, manual, and stock single ended 1/4in cable. Only a couple of hours of use.    Price: $3200 Paypal + shipping or best offer $3200 local pickup in the SF bay area or best offer   Due to the high value of these headphones, I will require signature and insurance for shipping. I will pay for this myself. The buyer is only responsible for the base shipping cost. 
I would say the 009 is a little more forgiving. Just to clarify I'm talking about the original HD800. I haven't tried the S. The treble is more aggressive on the HD800 so I find that makes recording defects more obvious (background noise, hiss, clipping, etc). Also, a lot of modern music is mastered way too bright because most regular people have buds or beats. The HD800 is already bright so it's double trouble when you hit play. 
I got my Utopias a couple hours ago. Really enjoying them.   My other headphone is a Stax SR-009. The Utopia has more mid bass and much more sub bass (The 009's sub bass is almost non-existent). Utopia's treble is more subdued and its soundstage is less wide. I'm finding the Utopias are better all-rounders because they are more forgiving. Listening to Desiigner, Kendric Lamar, 2pac, Disturbed, and a variety of other music that isn't mastered well are a treat on the...
Oh wow, thanks! I didn't notice they had b-stock. 
Looking to buy a Focal Utopia. I highly prefer local pickup in the SF bay area if possible because they are expensive. PM me if you have a pair and we'll see if we can make a deal. Thanks.
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