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Oh wow, thanks! I didn't notice they had b-stock. 
Looking to buy a Focal Utopia. I highly prefer local pickup in the SF bay area if possible because they are expensive. PM me if you have a pair and we'll see if we can make a deal. Thanks.
I have a pair of Stax SRX MK3 normal bias for sale. Overall, the headphone is in good condition for its age. Earpads only have a little bit of wear, no splitting. There is no channel imbalance or hissing which is a common issue on these old headphones.    The SRD7 has two normal bias outputs. It has a couple of scratches, but nothing major. Again, very good condition for its age. There is extra feet glued on and the speaker wire was cut to make it shorter. There is about...
Hello,   We are planning a mini meet in the Sacramento area. There is about ~15 people interested and we hope to gather more. We will be voting for a meeting place (one of the public libraries meeting rooms) later this week or early next week.   If you're interested in attending, just drop a reply in the thread and be sure to vote on the survey when it is posted.   Link to planning thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/108714/sacramento-meet/30#post_13069772   Thank you!
I will be PMing members of the SF bay area Headfi group to gain more interest. Then, I will open up a Google survey later this week to choose the best library location. After this is decided, a Doodle will be set up to decide the date and time.    Will post updates here. When everything is finalized I may open up a new thread to get everything organized in one top post. I don't think the original poster of this thread is still active.    If anyone has suggestions on a...
It has been almost three months since Spareribs has posted here. Really, the only reason why I visit this sub-forum (and headfi in general) is because of Spareribs. My friend and I used to read his posts every morning on the school computers before starting our film class.    Unfortunately, I have mostly used Headfi and meetups as a chance to meet new gear, not new people. Ultimately, I have tried a billion headphones and have reached an endgame setup with the Stax...
I never thought about that. I looked at Sacramento Library page and they will allow us to rent a room, free of charge.   http://www.saclibrary.org/Services/Meeting-Rooms
OK good. It seems like we have some more people interested.   Not sure what the best way to do this is. But, I'm looking at hotel meeting rooms around sac, most of them are $150-300 for the cheapest ones to fit ~15-20 people. So, each of us would have to chip in about $20 at most. For planning the date and time, we can use http://doodle.com/ 
1. 72,411 2. 79,921 3. 74,200   Thanks for the giveaway! 
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