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Since we're talking about amping, anybody own an Audio-Gd Precision 1 and HE560 (I doubt it) or another planar like HE500? Info is scarce on it... only read one positive review with an LCD2 and other randoms.     Seems really appalling to me and I might want to get one, ~16W @ 40ohm, and a powerful speaker amp as well. Pricing is very fair too at $600 for the specs on paper. 
Here is my final gear list. Everything looks set.  Hifiman HE560 (preorder version) Hifiman HE560 (production version AMB y2 Schiit Magni JVC JA-S55 or another integrated Laptop (bring CDs or USB thumbdrives)   Also, anyone have a 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter I can borrow? My other integrated amps have 3.5mm output. I really don't want to bring the JVC, it's a last resort... afraid it will break my headphones (some capacitors are leaking).   Looking forward to a...
I'm looking for a couple of parts, new or used, for a Sennheiser HD580.   What I need: HD 600/580 foam replacement for the headband or a custom one. See this: HD 580/600/650 earpads. Original or fake ebay ones. HD 600 grilles HD 650 cable   Sennheiser direct costs a fortune and some parts (like grills) can not be found.   Please PM me if you have any of the above.
Thanks for the link mate. I saw the Senn/Grado ones for about $22-25... didn't know BH sells them for so cheap!
How long do we have to purchase pre-sale tickets? Might end up getting a set online once I can confirm I'm available... won't be sure until right before the meet though.
Looking for a high quality 6.5mm > 3.5mm adapter. Custom made, Grado/Sennheiser branded one, and a Cardas HPI-A for example. Getting tired of cheapo Chinese/Monoprice ones.   Please PM me to discuss if you have an adapter for sale.   Thank you.
Up for your consideration is a Hifiman RE-400, like new with the original box. I will include all of the original eartips and accessories (documents, carrying case).    These IEMs are in nearly perfect shape and I've only had less than <25hours of use on them. I have used one pair of eartips (the stock black medium double flanges). The comply tips and other assorted stock tips are unused. I will throw the one used eartip away or I can wash them and send to you, your...
I'm not sure if you mean under $100 total or max $100 per each type.   For earphones, Shure SE215. It's durable, will block out noises when leaving home, and has a bassy sound. Want neutrality? Hifiman RE-400.   For headphones, look at the Creative Aurvana Live for something bassy. Sony MDR-7506/NVX XPT100 for something more neutral, both have decent isolation for use outside but IEMs are your best bet in that regard.
So, can I get this: to use the front TRS jack with headphones and also have speakers hooked up? Emotiva binding posts > Switch inputs > Switch output > Speakers. Click button on switch to use speakers, switch off to use just the TRS jack. Right?
I do not have the original cable.
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