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Just shipped the headphones out to Dr.Blue. 
What's the next step up from Valhalla 2 with just the HD800? I really like its neutral signature and black background for reference. Who has stepped up to a $700-800ish tube amp and can offer insight on comparisons?   I can probably get a used Decware CSP3 or WA6SE with xmas $. 
On the note of planars being powered with Valhalla 2, I'm currently set up with an Oppo PM-1 and Valhalla 2 handles it well. With low gain I'm at about 30-50% volume for most recordings and 70-80% for some vinyl rips with a high dynamic range. No need for high gain and no clipping. These are very efficient so anyone looking into purchasing a PM-1/2 IMO doesn't need to look into a new amp if they already have Valhalla 2.    The PM-1 does scale a bit with higher power amps...
Got the PM-1 in the mail today, they arrived safely. 
Maybe you'll like the Denon AH-D1100. Comfort is subjective but I think it's fairly good except that the headband needs more padding.   Bass is very strong on it... definitely for bassheads. I haven't compared it to the Sony set but if you look at the frequency response charts the bass levels of the Denons are on par with the Sony.
If you like strong bass and a warmer sound signature then you will definitely enjoy the SE215.
I thought they were great at $100, and at $79 they're even better. I'd describe the RE-400 as fairly neutral, minus a lack of sub bass impact and a little bit of treble roll off.
TBH Lyr / Bifrost is overkill for the DT990, but if you want to future proof yourself that amp/dac combo will pretty much run almost everything else you may buy.   For DT990, I would go cheaper on the amp side and choose Valhalla 2 (if you don't plan on getting planars). Or, Asgard 2 if you do plan on getting planars.
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