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What kind of noise? low freq / bass like hum or static? Something else? 
You can put HE60 Orpheus pads on the HD600, which may be more comfy for you. But I think the pinouts may be different so you'll have to find a way to do a hacky fit.   It costs about 55eur.
Correct... just a rumor it's the same: But if you look at the design on the outside, the internals + PCB, and the tech specs it's pretty much identical to a E09K.    If you want a DAC on the E09k you have to dock an E17/E07k on the top.
Yeah there isn't too much info on it. Here are some reviews: and   It's apparently very similar, if not the same to the Fiio E09K internally. Only difference is it doesn't have a dock and it has a built in DAC. 
Yes it's DIY. Just look around the classifieds here and one will pop up eventually.    It's just a DAC.... actually now that I've re-read your post I noticed you wanted one with an amp too. Sorry for the confusion!   
You can sometimes find an AMB y2 used for ~$200. It has optical, USB, and coaxial ins. Not to mention digital outs, 3 analog outs, and it's USB or wall powered and has a small footprint. Makes it a lot more versatile than some of the others you listed IMO.   I had it with Magni, Lyr, and Valhalla coupled with a HD600 a while back. It's a great combo.  
Yeah that's all you need to do. Just remove the cable and pull the tab near the HD650 badge. It will come out real easy, did this to my HD600s a couple times.   Personally I noted no difference in sound quality with dents in my grilles. 
The Monoprice desktop headamp/dac should suite your needs.    Preouts for the M Audio speakers USB input Red/White input (those are RCA connectors)   Just note that if you use the RCA inputs on the Monoprice you can only utilize the headphone amplifer, not the DAC portion with your Xbox. To get both you have to use USB input.
Depends, what kind of headphones are you planning on using? Are you OK with hybrid designs? 
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