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Thanks. It's an AMB y2 so SE only. Maybe next thing to upgrade is the DAC but the new amp is going go be the biggest difference... I currently use a 323s for my SR009.
Anyone know if I need a balanced DAC or can I use rca/3.5mm to XLR adapters for a KGSSHV Carbon without diminishing sound quality? Going to audition and possibly buy one this weekend. Cant find any info on this.
I am looking for a KGSSHV Carbon. Highly prefer to pick it up in the sf bay area. PM me if you have a set and maybe we can make a deal. Thanks. 
Come on you guys its free
Thinking of selling my Stax SR007, MK2.5 (SZ3 serial) in mint condition. Includes flight case and manual. The cardboard box is a bit beat up from storage and shipping but everything else is good.   $1200 + Paypal (unless gifted) + ship, or local pickup in SF bay area.    Trade for: electrostatic amp (like KGSSHV) + cash on my end if needed.    SOLD
I am in idiot and bought the censored version, don't want it. I'll ship it to ya for free. Maybe you have a son or daughter who you want to introduce to DMX, but don't want their fragile minds to hear the curse words. 
wrong section
Ah, that's right. I forgot all about the replacement with the L series! 
What would be best is to eliminate the ATLP120's preamp entirely rather than investing in a new phono preamp. Even when the preamp is off, it degrades the sound signal.      http://themultiformous.blogspot.com/2014/04/at-lp120-pre-amp-removal-mod-test.html shows the mod, and even includes a sound demo. 
Yeah that was a great price. Damn review by ZeosPantera completely screwed up the pricing of the 207 and 252/212 to the point of it no longer being a good value. 
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