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I thought they were great at $100, and at $79 they're even better. I'd describe the RE-400 as fairly neutral, minus a lack of sub bass impact and a little bit of treble roll off.
TBH Lyr / Bifrost is overkill for the DT990, but if you want to future proof yourself that amp/dac combo will pretty much run almost everything else you may buy.   For DT990, I would go cheaper on the amp side and choose Valhalla 2 (if you don't plan on getting planars). Or, Asgard 2 if you do plan on getting planars.
Yeah, I agree. But man, a matte black HD700 would look sick. 
Ah, so that's what the delay was for. Hope you get everything sorted out soon.
Anybody start tube rolling with Val 2? Any cheap fixes for ~$50 or so, for either the 6n6p or 6n1p? I was looking at Foton gold grids for 6n6p, and maybe used Gold Lions or a JAN Phillips 6922 for the 6n1p. 
I leave mine on for 10-12 hours + on the weekends since I have nothing else better to do, so I doubt it will burn the house down if you leave it on all day.  It does run quite hot. But this is normal apparently for most Schiit amps. 
Sweet. PM me when you get everything sorted out. 
Not for sale anymore. 
What kind of noise? low freq / bass like hum or static? Something else? 
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