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Interested in attending, hopefully I can make it once we decide on a date. I can bring the following:   Hifiman HE560 Sennheiser HD800 (about a 50% chance or so, will confirm) Emotiva Mini X (drive HE560) JVC JA-S55 (drive HD800) AMB y2 Laptop as source   I've got balanced speaker taps and a balanced > 1/4in converter so anyone can hook up their cans to try it out on the Mini X speaker amp.
Custom gold plated locking 4 pin XLR to 1/4 TRS adapter. It has a couple of scruffs on the connectors but works perfectly. PM me if you would like to see more photos and I will take them.   Selling as I'm going fully balanced, would like to sell this to help the fees of a new balanced hifiman cable.    You need to pay shipping/paypal fees, it won't be a lot. PM me for a quote. 
I've had good results with HE560 paired on Lyr & Mini x a100. Both these amps are a bit on the warm side and give a little more meat to the HE560's midrange.I also used Magni which works fine too but it's a bit bright and thin relative to the other two.
You lucky two. I ordered early, my box was quite banged up, the gimbals were scratched, and the right side to adjust size was very hard to move while the left was buttery smooth.  I might return mine under warranty for the right side adjust issue. I'm probably going to sell them in the future for a set of Maggies and I'd hate to see the value drop for things that were not my fault.  Glad to see they're stepping up Q.C from what everyone else is recently reporting.
Thanks mate. I'll definitely consider it once I get this thing sold for cash first.
Schiit Magni up for sale/trade, just upgraded to a new amp and don't need it.   It's in good condition, minus some scratches on the bottom of the amp. Top/sides are near perfect. I purchased this from Amazon about a month and a half ago, you may see the original receipt if you wish. I will include a power cable as well.    It's yours for X unless you gift OR I'll trade for a Baratza Encore / OE Lido 2 or any other comparable entry/mid level grinders (will add cash if...
So, I've been fiddling with an Emotiva Mini X a100 tonight. I remember when those were quite popular a while ago with the HE500 and others... I jumped in on the party a bit late but here's some small impressions.   I haven't noticed anyone commenting on if they paired it with HE560. I'm using it and they match quite well. There is definitely a warmer and more full sound on the Mini X vs my Schiit Magni which I always thought was a bit bright (as well as many others)....
Update: Here is the source info.It seems like it would be fine to me.
Well, that was all the info he posted. I'm not sure what cans he is using or any info on his source. He just replied to me:
I'm asking this question here for a dude on another forum. A big thanks in advance to anyone who reads over or helps!  
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