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It's from the amp. I have heard the KGSSHV and it definitely increases the bass slam of the 009 as well as the soundstage size when compared to the 323.
Because college tuition . Carbon is a bit too expensive for me right now... so I'm trying to get used amps off the classifieds. 
@Rozeqloud @astrostar59    I'm using an SRM-323 with the 009 and it works great. Obviously it's not the best (biggest problem is a lack of bass), but I mean it's only $350-400 used. And the 727 is just as good as the 717 if you can do the resistor mod.   I think a KGSS is going to be my next amp (If anyone has impressions of the KGSS/KGST/HV vs 323 I would love to read them). Next is a KGSSHV or KGST and then I'll be done for a while. 
No thanks. 
Since we are discussing earpads, does anyone know how to change an SR009 earpad? I can't find any instructions.
Sennheiser HD598 for most comfy. Lightweight and very soft pads, minimal clamping force. 
I think a first gen Beyerdynamic T1. Similar, but with smaller soundstage and a brighter sound that tends to emphasize things like cymbals (mostly because of the 10khz peak). 
Mine runes pretty hot too. It's a class A amp, which means it always runs at full power, so it's going to be toasty.   You should be fine. 
Your guess is spot on.       
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