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looking to purchase a Q audio aftermarket cable for an LCD2, I don't care about the length or color. Please PM with price. Thank you!
 I actually ended up going with the 6n23p-EV super cryos from cryoset! I looked over the entire lyr tuberolling page and they seemed to be solid winners. The "sisters" also seemed to get good reviews but they weren't as consistently well liked as the russians. Ended up costing me about $80 which doesn't seem all that bad for a NOS tested and matched pair
I'm looking to buy some tubes for this setup as well. I have next to no experience with tube rolling and am somewhat confused when people say the "Amperex Orange Globes". It seems like there are at least 3 different versions of the amperex orange globes depending on the date they were produced, all with different getters and, I would imagine, different sounds. They also have widely different price ranges. I'm assuming that you mean the 6DJ8 and not the 6922, but what about...
What about for my situation? Do you think the sound produced by the lyr + LCD-2 combo is superior enough to the magni to warrant the $300 price difference?
Here is a picture of inside the cup labeled as follows:   1) This is the gold wire which I believe to be the ground. It exits the main cable (2) and then appears to have broken off about a centimeter further,entirely disconnected. I believe this to be the source of the problem.   2) the main cabling as it splits into its individual wires. Three wires exit from the cable. A blue wire which is then spliced into a red wire at (3) and goes to the right speaker, the gold...
I'm in the same boat. I've heard that magni is entirely indistinguishable in a blind test against the asgard2 with the lcd2 though so I'd probably go with that instead. Really I'm just trying to figure out if I should go for transparency or the coloration of the tubes. I've also heard that the ALO panam is amazing with the lcd2
Not sure if this is the correct forum but it seemed like the best match. Yesterday I plugged in my FA-011s only to find that everything but the mids(which sounded somewhat normal) was near inaudible. After a few minutes of tweaking I found at if I only put the jack in half way (as to only allow the first ring of the jack to make contact) it sounded normal(except for obviously being mono). I therefore assumed that the problem must be in the wiring and not with the speakers...
What if I were to buy an external amp and just hook it up to the zxr and use the zxr's dac. (sorry if that makes no sense, I know next to nothing about amps/dacs hence the thread). is it ok to hook one amp into another like that or will the quality of the first amp (the zxr) degrade the signal from the second amp (whichever external)?  EDIT: I only ask because I would like to maintain the ZXR's abilities and I've heard it has a pretty high quality DAC on it.
Do you think it would be worth it to pay $300 to get a O2 + ODAC combo then? Or would the difference between the two be slim?
I'm getting an LCD-2 and I already have the zxr but I'm not sure if I need to buy a seperate amp or not. I know that if there was any soundcard that could work on its own it would be the zxr but I still have my doubts. Thanks!
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